3/17 {Instagram Recap}

So I missed InstaFriday again. 
No biggie. 
But I did want to recap our week around here. 
Blogging, linky parties, and crafting? 
Oh MY! 
And some baby girl got a hair cut and turned into a little girl! 
Check it out!
Miss Mac got her 1st hair cut.
She cried the whole time, but the lolly was a good incentive.
Then it was off to Target for pizzas and icees.
She doesn't look like a baby anymore!

Daddy captured this one for me!
Caitlin has been running around in her undies at home for 2 weeks.
John likes to refer to her as "college mommy".
So not appropriate!
But insanely funny!
Mac decided that she needed to cuddle with sister.
I like that they are actually smiling
instead of their usual routine of crying and screaming.

This totally happened.
My first Starbucks since February 4th.
It was heaven.
It was even unsweetened and it was still heaven.
Ahh, I missed my old friend.

Pinned it.  Made it!
This took like all of 5 minutes.
And I'm kind of in love with it.
You can find a tute for it here!

I signed up to participate in the Covert Robin gift exchange.
My partner may or may not be getting these items.
Mason Jar pin cushion filled with sewing supplies.
Scrap Fabric Bunting Tote.
Tshirt Infinity scarf.

Since it's been raining off and on,
we are celebrating St. Patty's inside for now.
I'm off to make cupcakes and thin mint cookie balls
for tomorrows celebration at the MIL's.

How are you spending your St. Patrick's Day??

You can still download this for your celebrating today!



  1. LOVE the scarf!!! Will have to try it! Yeah for pinning then creating!! XOXO

  2. College mommy?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!! That's hilarious! Sounds like something my husband would say!

  3. I like the freebie download, thanks!! ;) happy St pats!

  4. I lOVE downloads. I found you on the network blog hop and am following you! I'd love for you to visit my blog sometime. Have a great weekend!


  5. Love the download. Really cute.
    Visiting from the blog hop.

  6. Ooh great (possible) covert robin gift!!!