New Year's: Then vs. Now


It was the last time I stayed out/up PAST MIDNIGHT.

I was pregnant with Caitlin.

I got dressed up and John and I went to a friends house.

It was cold and I was tired and I had fun until I was ready for bed or some mint chip ice cream.  Neither were at said house party.

We went home, and went to bed around 2 am.

On New Years Day I slept in.  As late as I wanted.

I got up and ate breakfast on the couch, while watching TV.  Real TV, like news or a movie.

By noon it was pretty clear that John and I would not be leaving the house.

So I laid on the couch all day in my pjs and watch the entire first season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD.  It had been a much celebrated Christmas gift that year.

And when that was over, I got up, still in pjs, unwashed hair, and old makeup and got in the car.  I drove to Target and bought Grey's season 2 and holiday edition peanut butter cups that were like 75%off retail.

Went back home.  Back to the couch and started watching.  Eating peanutbutter cups. 

No one wanted to watch Nick Jr.  No one needed a diaper change, or a butt wiped or a bottle or goldfish crackers.

It was just me, the couch, peanutbutter cups, and Grey's Anatomy.

It's a great memory that I treasure.

But I wouldn't change anything about my life
that's happened since.


Nick Jr or Disney will be on TV. 

I will for sure at some point be changing a diaper, wiping a butt, and someone will be screaming for goldfish or oreos, no doubt. 

It's a safe bet that I will be in pjs all day and do some minimal lounging on the couch.  Between wiping butts, showering my kids with oreos, and feeding my Pinterest addiction.  I'll find some me time, if I get a shower.

And I will be just as happy, and doubly blessed.

Happy Blogging and Happy New Years,

TAG! You're it!

I just got blog tagged!
Why does this seem so amazingly fun, that I'm ignoring breakfast and doing this right now?  I just got tagged by Lena over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby.  And I have to say she is a hardcore rockin' momma!  So I'm so excited that she tagged me! 
I don't have 11 bloggers to tag, but let's play anyway!
Let's do this y'all!

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this."  Legitimately tag 11 people!!

11 Random musings about me:
1.  I cry everytime I watch Glee episodes that heavily feature Kurt.  Something about angel faced Chris Cofer that makes me an emotional basket case.
2. I love following Jim Gaffigan on Twitter.  Laughter.  Every. Day.
3.  I'm buying Toms today.  Oh, you think they are ugly?  I don't care.  Seriously everyone has a pair but me.  So hell or highwater I'm getting some... Today.
4.  If I'm drinking anything other than tea, it means we are out.  It also means I'm really pissed about it.
5.  If I don't do my roots every 3-4 weeks you will think I'm 80 years old.  Curses to you grey hair!
6.  I absolutely hated high school.  I loved some very choice people, but overall it wasn't the time of my life.
7.  I will say yes to Harry Potter movies.  Always. 
No matter what part the movie is on when I get to the channel. 
I'm watching it.
8.  If you ask me questions while I'm watching said Harry Potter,
I might be forced to cut you.
9.  I'm wearing my new glasses right now.  Caitlin said I look like a cool nerd...
10.  I'm thinking GF pancakes for breakfast is the way to go... Trying a new mix!
11.  I bought 2 packs of GF oreos yesterday and they most likely will not make it through the weekend.  Moment of silence...

Questions from Lena at Mom2MemphisAndRuby
1. What was your favorite holiday memory this year?
I made a sweet potato pie from scratch.  My mom's recipe,
but my grandma said it was way better!
2. If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be & why?
Tina Fey.  Genius writer.  Genius Mom.  Genius Woman!
3. What's your favorite fast food/ take-out order?
Cobb salad.  No bacon.  No blue cheese.  Ranch on the side.
4. What is your worst habit?
Jumping to conclusions!
5. What is your least favorite household chore?
6. What is the last thing you bought for yourself?
Grey skinny jeans
7. If you could change your name... what would it be?
Years ago I wanted to be a Samantha.  Now I'm just happy to be Me!
8. Have you ever had any supernatural encounters?
No.  Aliens freak me out!  Although Elvis' ghost wouldn't be so bad.
Also Eric Northman would be an enlightening experience.
9. What is the ONE blog you MUST read every day?
Casey Wiegand.  It's her faith.  She's inspiring.
10. Share you favorite joke!
A termite walks into a bar. 
Asks "Where's the bar tender?"
Get it?
11. Best advice you've given or received about blogging is...
Given:  Write.  Write.  Write.
Recieved:  Link ups!  Always participate in link ups!

11 Questions for you:
1.  Best childhood memory
2.  Favorite book
3.  Why did you start blogging?
4.  Your Starbucks order
5.  Harry Potter or Twilight?
6.  Favorite 80s movie
7.  Do you own Toms? (Yeah I'm obsessed)
8.  Favorite funny person
9.  Facebook or Twitter
10.  Pick a Kardashian
11.  What's on your tv right now?

So I don't have 11...
Krysten at ConsiderMeKrysten
Kimberly at TeaWithKimmie
Illy at MuchLoveIlly
Delfina at MyGreenNest
Jen at JentheBaker

You may not have 11 to pass along.  That's ok.  Just answer mine for some bloggy fun!

Happy Blogging,

Happy Megan

Some of my favorite things from Christmas 2011

This book is the shizz!  No joke.  I want to be her BFF.
This was one of my Christmas presents I bought for myself.
These slippers/legwarmers/goodness.
From my cousin Kim and her man Neil.
She can gift like no body's biz.
Kim blogs over here.
Choochie's new skates.
From Santa.
On Christmas Eve I took a much needed break.
Mani/pedis with my Mamma.
Christmas nails and Starbucks.
Merry Christmas to me.
My Grandma Chila's living room in Salinas.
Courtesy of Laura Hernandez, my aunt.
Find her blog here.
It made me cry.  This was my Christmas Eve for years.
This is what my childhood looked like every December 24th.
This guy.  Buddy Fiddlesticks McChristmaspants.
Our Elf who rarely stayed on the shelf.
I had entirely too much fun with this.
Yeah he's at Target.  In a Kitchen Aid.
This look of wonder.  This holiday joy.  This face.
This is Christmas spirit.
Can you feel the love?  Too stinking cute!
This baby give the best hugs on the planet.
Hamming it up!  We are the Christmas crazies!
And that mirror is so old school awesome.

I can't make it through the day without Tazo Awake.
I brew it for iced tea.  By the gallon.
Also that is my newest mug.  Again from my cousin Kim.
Kim is the best gift giver/shopper around.
Thanks Kim. 

This is my new Kindle cover.
It's says I'm artsy and whimsical because of the flowers.
It also says I'm classy because it's the New Yorker.
Like I should be eating a warm bagel, drinking black coffee,
and walking to the subway, in hipster glasses.

Happy Blogging,


This friends, is my 100th post.  I seriously didn't think I'd get here.  Not in my first year of blogging.  What started out as something I wanted to do, turned into something I needed to do.  Diving into the blogging world was the best thing I've done for myself in a long time.

Just as my friend said, it was completely self indulgent.  The idea that someone besides my BF and my mom would want to read what I had to say.  To think that one day I'd have readers, followers if you will, was kind of ridiculous to me.  Somehow it happened.

For some reason I'm irrationally emotional about this.  This blog has become my therapy, my rant space, my idea board, my biggest accomplishment to date, that is all mine.  Sure it's about motherhood, but it's because of motherhood that I'm able to finally take a step and write.

To everyone who reads this blog.  Thank you.  Thank you a million times.  Some of you have been here since the beginning.  Thank you. 

To all the readers who sent private messages, thanking me for writing about certain subjects, thank you.  It's why I started to blog.  I just had to know that I wasn't the only one feeding my kids Oreos and Dr. Pepper.  I'm glad that I was able to put motherhood in some kind perspective for you.  To make you feel less alone.  To make you feel like you WERE doing it right, even if "right" was a very lose interpretation of the word.

I will admit, always, that I was not built for motherhood.  It built me.  Believe me, it's a total work in progress.  I will share that progress with you.  Honestly.  In the best way I know how. 

I cannot wait to see what's to come in 2012.  I'm excited to try new bloggy adventures.  Like a giveaway perhaps.  Or ask some of my favorite bloggers to guest post.  I'm looking forward to a new blog design.  Mostly I'm looking forward to the process. 

The writing process. 

So this is number 100.  Thank you for making it happen.

Happy Blogging,

AbsoluteResolutions 2012

It's crazy to think 2011 is almost over.  But it is, so deal.  Here is my take on New Year's resolutions:  I don't.  Because I usually don't keep them.  It's usually something that I do for a day.  Like saying I'm going to drink less soda, then want to hang myself because I drank a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper on New Year's Day.  You catch this drift?

However, a new blog friend of mine, Kristine over at J&M's Eye Candy is doing a link up today about resolutions, goals, and dreams.  So I'm in.  As always!  And I adore Kristine.  And it's not because she did a post inspired by me... She really did that and linked up my blog, and I just about fell out of my chair and then cried tears of joy.  TRUE STORY! She's funny, likes Blunt Cards (nuff said), and is super crafty.  Check out Kristine when you get the chance.

Here are some AbsoluteResolutions, goals, and dreams for 2012.  Mind you by January 2nd, it's most likely going out the window.

Resolutions and Goals for 2012

Cook and eat more fruits and veggies.  Because the amount of McDonald's consumed by my kids between Thanksgiving and Christmas is both embarrassing and borderline abuse. 

Mind my temper.  Try not to turn into the Incredible Hulk every time someone spills something, whines about Yo Gabba Gabba being over, is mad because her pink tu-tu is dirty.  Mind my temper.  Maybe this should be my mantra.

Pay more attention to me.  All of me.  Mind, body, soul.  Listen to me.  Need a nap, ask for one.  Need to eat, eat.  Need to runaway from home, just to Starbucks alone in the car with the radio, make it happen. 

Revamp my relationship with God.  I believe in God.  I pray, in my own way.  But I'm not outwardly religious.  I am faithful.  I just want to have more faith in the journey he has put me on and find comfort in it.

Dear God...

Be a better friend in real time.  Not just in blog/Facebook time. 


Real date nights.  With the hubbs.  To remind ourselves that we are doing this marriage thing for a reason.


Read more.  Have Kindle.  Will read. 

Challenge myself.  New craft projects.  New recipes.  New sewing adventures. 


Keep Blogging.  Hire that blog designer!  Sponsor my first blog giveaway.  Challenge myself to new and exciting adventures.

Dream about...
Just keep dreaming...

Happy Blogging,

All images used courtesy of Pinterest

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And linking up with Kristine at J&M's Eye Candy!
Join us!  There is no way you can ignore this cute face!

The Hangover: Christmas 2011

Goofing off at Auntie and Uncles Holiday celebration.
It's the day after Christmas.  And can you feel it?  The after Christmas, over indulged, ate too many frosted snowmen, turkey and stuffing hangover.  No just me?  Well, welcome to my new series, The Hangover, where I'm going to recap special events in our AbsoluteLife.  I think the picture of Mac above says it all on how I'm feeling this morning.

We celebrated 5, yes FIVE, Christmases.  To the point that when I told Caitlin it was Christmas Eve, she said, "The real Christmas or a pretend Christmas".  Here's to having so much family, love, and gifts, that having 5 Christmases is a blessing!

Madonna "Like a Virgin"/Child Bride/Quincenerra
outfit courtesy of Auntie and Uncle.  How rad are
the lace fingerless gloves?  I would have killed for those at 4!

Goofing off at Grandma Kathy's House.
From top left: Caitlin, Auntie Anne, Me, Mac
Because Antlers are a fashion must have this time of year.
Should we even discuss the copious amounts of junk food that my kids ate this holiday season?  McDonald's became a staple.  You know they are giving out Alvin and the Chipmunks toys right?  Also a cupcake without finishing your dinner is the norm around the holidays.  Ok, that's a lie, it's pretty much a staple any time around these here parts!
Don't bother me.  I'm eating.
Excuse me while I get caffeinated.  It's gonna be a long night.

We even celebrated Christmas in the bath tub.  Why not?  You can't go anywhere with out seeing Christmas decorations, so why not in the tub.  Let's try out that "Santa" look that is so the in thing right now!
Santa doesn't deliver gifts to dirty kids. 
Yes, we said this!
Trying out the "Santa" look.
Here are the angels, waiting patiently to open gifts at my grandma's house on Christmas Eve.  Yeah, sure they are.  I'm doing my best to distract them with cookies!

How much LONGER?  Let's open gifts!

If I sit here, maybe they will let me open just one!

I'm still waiting!
So after Christmas Eve at my grandma's, we went home and John and I played Santa.  We tried to make it look like Santa outdid himself, instead of the truth, which is Santa ran out of dough.  Buddy Fiddlesticks, our elf, helped and let us know, he wasn't hitching a ride with the "Big Guy".
Heck no, I won't go!
Finally, FINALLY, on Christmas morning, it was my father in law's turn to celebrate Christmas with the munchkins.  I would love to post some wonderful pics of the kids opening their gifts, and the great food we served.  However, kids can set the land speed record for opening gifts.  Two camera clicks and it was over.  Just a bunch of paper and boxes.  So here is what we got.  Also, you really don't want to see the cinnamon roll tree that expanded and looked like my dead and wilting actual tree in my living room.  Oh well, I added sprinkles to the cinnamon roll tree.  It's all good.

Things we got, but not pictured.  Princess Tiana and her gumbo kitchen.  For reals that's what it said on the box.  Or Caitlin's new Baby Alive that eats and poops.  Yeah because I need one more butt to wipe around here (ha ha).  Or Mac's tea set, mini texting phone, or baby laptop.  Ok, well here is Caitlin trying out her new skates!
Look at me!
Christmas afternoon I spent on the couch, in my pjs, while Mac napped.  Caitlin and daddy did the skating, opening everything else, cleaning up thing, and I laid on our couch with Mindy Kaling's book.  Seriously.  I did nothing.  Ok, I ate a few cookies, and drank some tea.  I drew the line at actually combing my hair.  After Mac's nap, we packed up the car and headed to my grandma's again for what I have to say was a delicious turkey dinner.  Also it was a nice quiet evening with family.

So all in all a wonderful Christmas.  All 5 of them.  Like I said we are unbelievably blesses to celebrate it 5 times, and all 5 times were amazing.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your families.  How's your Christmas hangover?

Happy Blogging and recovering,

B. Fiddlesticks' Target Adventure

We took B. Fiddlesticks out for a little adventure last night.

Here is what went down.

You tell me... Who is having more fun?  Me or the kids?

I'm thinking that this is what B really wants to bring me for Christmas.
I think he totally gets that Kitchen Aid is the only way to go.
Also it's in his favorite color.

B wanted to play a practical joke on us and sit on the shelf at Target.
So he got up there with his elf friends and posed.
He told all the other boxed elves that they would find good homes too.
Perhaps none as awesome as his.

B has got the fever.
If you look closely he already has the hair.

He tried to jump ship and stay at Target.
I told him if I can't live at Target then neither can he.
As you can see we don't follow the book around these parts.  I will tell you both girls enjoy B. Fiddlesticks hanging out at breakfast, the doctors office, and in the car listening to Christmas music.  They just love B.


I think B loves us just as much!

Happy Blogging and Merry Christmas,

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It's Christmas. Go with it!

So I had my night all planned out.  You know baking, baking, wrapping, baking, wrapping, and then some more baking.  I was also really wanting to blog about a few things, you know right before Christmas.  Like Caitlin's Christmas program video and photos.  A Christmas questionnaire that a bunch of bloggers are doing that sounded like fun.  Oh and a post about the adventures of Buddy Fiddlesticks.  But all that got put on hold for a while tonight.

See, the Hubbs came home and decided he wanted to got to Target.  To check it out.  To get out in all that Christmas cheer... Uh?  Hellooo Crazy!  It's 3 days before the main event, and you want to go check it out?  So I debated, maybe just send him and the kiddos.  Then I could get a number of things done without distraction.  Then I debated and rescheduled my baking.  Then I thought about all the posts I could finish in a matter of moments...

Then I stopped.  Because the Hubbs RARELY wants to go out and shop.  Because he really wanted all of us to go.  Because I remembered "night shopping", and Christmas cheer, and that it's just 3 days until Christmas! 

So I went with it.  We went to Target.  We took B. Fiddlesticks along for an awesome adventure too!  Pictures to follow.  We walked, we shopped, and we bought just a few extras that we probably could have done without.  And it was fun, and the kids fussed per usual, and we almost bought a TV.  We listened to Michael Buble in the car, and I loved every stinking minute of it. 

I think it's just what I needed, because in all the grocery shopping, Costco, school Christmas gingerbread making party, I got lost and said, "I can't wait for this Christmas to come, because it's not really fun this year".  But it looks like both BIG GUYS knew exactly what I needed.  Some Christmas cheer in the form of commerce, icees, and outta this world Christmas music.

I'm better now.  No more Bah-Humbug.  I'm going to go with the flow... It is just 3 days before Christmas, you know!

Happy Blogging,

It's the week before Christmas...

And yesterday I was tired and grumpy.
No sewing or crafting is happening around here.

I had a meltdown about what there was still left to do.
I cried because if I don't get busy on some projects,
I cried because I can't bring myslef to shop right now.

Then I talked to my mom...
And she said, let it go.
Enjoy this time.  It's gonna pass so quick.

So, yesterday I forgot about the laundry and the mess.
I laid on a blanket with Caitlin while Mac napped.
I napped too.
We watched some primo Disney Channel.
I took the kids to McDonald's for dinner.
I came home and started 3 different projects.
And if I finish them great, and if not, I'm handing out IOUs.

Because we've got a busy week.

And I don't want to spend it yelling and being the mom from hell.

I want to bake cookies with the kids, carefree.
I want to stop and look at the lights.
I want to enjoy these little hands and faces.

I will enjoy this Christmas...

Just after I tackle this to do list...

Happy Blogging,

Are we having fun yet?

It's almost Christmas.  So I must ask.  Are we having fun yet?

New hair styles are ALWAYS fun. 
Yeah for Mac! 
She finally has enough hair for piggies!

I got new sunglasses that are half rocking 80s and
half something I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing. 
Since both are loves of my life, done and done. 
Also Target, for less than 20 bucks!  Score!

Our Elf, Buddy Fiddlesticks, seems to be having way more fun
this holiday season than we are. 
He's not only hungover, but he's planking (?). 
We are never sure what he's going to do next!

Auntie Anne and Uncle Adam hosted an early Christmas,
so this was Caitlin's favorite gift. 
Many have asked if Caitlin is gearing up for her Quincenerra,
although I believe she may be channelling her inner Madonna. 
You can't see, but those are fingerless lace gloves!  I die! 
It took all my mothering know how NOT to blast "Like A Virgin". 
Completely inappropriate, but seriously it's all I could think about. 
And, yes, I did try to get those gloves on!  Madonna, people!!

Since my beautiful BF Krysten's birthday is on the 14th, our schedules would only allow us a short dinner date.  So with our other BF, Lauren in tow,
we had dinner, and she had 2 of those bad boys she's holding. 
Yes to tequila and yes to BF birthdays that get us showered,
make-up'd and out of the house.

Merry Christmas to ME!  I've been dreaming about this book,
and NO I wasn't going to buy it for my Kindle. 
I wanted to hold it and laugh at the pictures. 
Also Mindy Kaling is amazing, smart, funny, fashionable,
So I bought her book and sent her this pic on twitter. 
Of course I did! 
Follower her on Twitter, she's the bees knees... @mindykaling

Are we having fun yet? 

Happy Blogging,

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A glimpse at AbsoluteMarriage

These are actual conversations between me and the Hubbs

Christmas Edition

Hubbs:  Are we exchanging gifts this year?

Me:  No, Yes, I don't know why?  What do you want?

Hubbs:  Well I don't want anything, so good.  No exchanging gifts.

Me:  Well.  Uh, just because you don't want anything doesn't mean...  I mean you shopping, for me, you know... It would be nice.  Like a surprise.

Hubbs:  What do you want?

Me:  Uh, my hair done, mani pedi, you know, stuff...

Hubbs:  Done.  Merry Christmas

Ah, the romance.

The Health Care Edition

Me: So should I schedule that phone consultation for Health Now Medical to find out if I'm dying?

Hubbs:  Well how much is it going to cost all together?

Me:  Like $1700.

Hubbs:  Where are you going to find money like that?

Me:  Well I guess we're gonna have to skip Bulldog tickets this year?

Hubbs:  Uh, What?

Me:  Seriously you'd rather your wife die than miss some games?

Hubbs: You're not gonna die.  And we just got a new coach.


Hubbs:  Well, just don't die on a home game...

The Anniversary Edition

Me:  I think we should go to Vegas for our Anniversary this year.  It's gonna be 7 years you know.

Hubbs:  Why?

Me: So we can renew our vows in one of those kick ass Elvis impersonator chapels.  You could wear one of those powder blue tuxes from the Hangover...

Hubbs:  Megan, I already made the mistake of marrying you once, why would I do it again?

And there you have it.  These are actual conversations that took place over the last week... And yes we were smiling the entire time.  This is what our marriage looks like.  You can't stay mad at someone who makes you laugh... I'll be laughing at him, with him, because of him, always.  It's not perfect, but it is my AbsoluteMarriage.

Happy Blogging,

A Novel Idea

As I read the comics (I read the other parts too!) in our local paper Thursday I came across an Ask Amy column that I couldn't pass up.  The title read "This year, put a book on every bed".  It's a grass-roots literacy campaign.  The idea is very simple, this Christmas Eve, place a wrapped book at the foot of the bed of your child or children.  What a novel idea!  See what I did there?  Yeah, cheap pun, I know.

Isn't this a great idea?  I'm sure many of you already buy books for your children at Christmas.  We got Mamma Llama Holiday Drama from Amazon the week after Thanksgiving.  It's not so much as giving books as gifts, it's the idea of creating a new and awesome Christmas tradition.  For every Elf on the Shelf, lets leave a wrapped book at the foot of our children's beds.

Many of you know books are a huge love in my life.  I'm very obsessive about books and their characters.  Examples include:
Reading the ENTIRE Twilight Saga between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.
Reading the ENTIRE Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries in 8 weeks.
Reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from New Year's day to Jan 3rd.

So yes, to say I love books is an understatement.  Books are magical.  They transport you to another place.  I can remember wanting to live in the little house in the big woods with Laura Ingalls herself.  I remember dreaming about the Aleutian Islands while reading Island of the Blue Dolphins.  I still dream about being on platform 9 and 3/4 waiting for the Hogwarts express.  Running through the forest in Forks.  That cold and frightening winter in Hedestad with Lisbeth Salander.  The gritty streets of Jersey with Lula and Stephanie Plum.  This is a love affair that started years ago, as a child reading Richard Scarry and Stan and Jan Berenstain.  Hours spent at the bookstore with my mother.  The hours spent in my room lost in a new world. 

I know, I know, NERD ALERT!  I'm proud to wear this geek badge.  It's cool to love books now.  How awesome do we look with our Nooks, Kindles, and iPads?  Oh, My!  I'm the person I am today because of books, and being raised in a culture where books were a treat, an adventure, and a way of life.  Growing up we may have gone without some luxuries, but books were not one of them.

So this Christmas Eve, I will be placing a new, wrapped book on each girls bed.  To open on Christmas morning.  I'm sure they will be lost among the other bigger treasures of the day, but later when the sun goes down and the Christmas lights twinkle, we will be reading.  Together, losing ourselves for just a few moments.

Happy Blogging,

To learn more about "A Book on Every Bed" CLICK HERE.
A Book on Every Bed

I got mail!

I know this sounds super ridiculous, but as we get further and further into social media, mail is like a dying art form.  Is it any wonder that the US postal service is almost bankrupt and it costs a ga-jillion dollars to mail anything.  That said, I love getting mail.  Well, not bills, but surprise cards, invitations, and of course magazines.

So last Monday I was so surprised to find a package with just my name on it in the mail box.  This is very rare as most packages are usually for the kiddos.  But this was all mine, and I acted just like a 4 year old when I refused to let anyone else open it!  I should have taken a picture of the actual envelope since I was so excited, but I exercised some much needed self restraint.

The package is from Nikki, a fellow blogger at, and also at this super cool fashion blog  On her personal blog you can meet her 8 month old twin boys, Falcon and Waylen, who make me ALMOST run out and get a pair of cuties just like them... ALMOST!  She's a married, blogging, fashionable momma. 

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how we met... Through a blogging link up of course!  Link parties or link ups are the coolest, and I have met some really awesome bloggers, like Nikki.  We got paired up over at EisyMorgan.  I love Ashley over at EisyMorgan, she's got great link ups, blogging tips, DIY tutorials, and great hair tutorials.  Ashley decided to get into the holiday spirit, all us bloggers needed to do a ornament exchange.  We got paired up and I received Nikki's name through email.  So here we are exchanging ornaments.  This was so much fun and really got me set for this holiday season!

Now back to my glorious package I got in the mail.  Here is what was inside...

This is the handmade card that was enclosed.  How cute and creative is that?
This is the store bought ornament she sent. 
She said since I'm in California I could use some snow.
I said, Amen sister, and he's just the cutest snowman ever!

This is her crafty handmade ornament. 
She tried to incorporate two of my loves.
Starbucks and reading.  Pretty much, right?

You can't see the ornaments, but they look right at home on my little tree.
Here is the little ornament I made for Nikki. 
You can read all about it and see the tutorial here.  It's my first big crafting tutorial experience, so please be kind.

Anyway, this was so fun, and I can't wait to see Nikki's post.  Then, like all link ups we get to see others and get inspired.  Take some time and visit this link up, you won't be disappointed.  You'll meet new bloggers, get new DIY inspiration, and get into the spirit.  Swing by and tell them that crazy lady over at Absolute Mommy sent you!

Happy Blogging,