B. Fiddlesticks' Target Adventure

We took B. Fiddlesticks out for a little adventure last night.

Here is what went down.

You tell me... Who is having more fun?  Me or the kids?

I'm thinking that this is what B really wants to bring me for Christmas.
I think he totally gets that Kitchen Aid is the only way to go.
Also it's in his favorite color.

B wanted to play a practical joke on us and sit on the shelf at Target.
So he got up there with his elf friends and posed.
He told all the other boxed elves that they would find good homes too.
Perhaps none as awesome as his.

B has got the fever.
If you look closely he already has the hair.

He tried to jump ship and stay at Target.
I told him if I can't live at Target then neither can he.
As you can see we don't follow the book around these parts.  I will tell you both girls enjoy B. Fiddlesticks hanging out at breakfast, the doctors office, and in the car listening to Christmas music.  They just love B.


I think B loves us just as much!

Happy Blogging and Merry Christmas,

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  1. Great photos! My girls would be so jealous if they saw yours hugging and handling Buddy Fiddlesticks McChristmaspants. Thank you for joining the Elf on the Shelf Link Party at Counting on Me!


  2. so cute! i love the target pics. i work there so i extra love them. :) i also love the idea of your girls loving your elf. it's cute!!!!!!!

  3. That last picture is so cute! My kids only touched the elf once. I am glad it's over though. I was growing tired of being creative. Ha!