I got mail!

I know this sounds super ridiculous, but as we get further and further into social media, mail is like a dying art form.  Is it any wonder that the US postal service is almost bankrupt and it costs a ga-jillion dollars to mail anything.  That said, I love getting mail.  Well, not bills, but surprise cards, invitations, and of course magazines.

So last Monday I was so surprised to find a package with just my name on it in the mail box.  This is very rare as most packages are usually for the kiddos.  But this was all mine, and I acted just like a 4 year old when I refused to let anyone else open it!  I should have taken a picture of the actual envelope since I was so excited, but I exercised some much needed self restraint.

The package is from Nikki, a fellow blogger at http://niccoleo.blogspot.com/, and also at this super cool fashion blog http://thriftymodestthreads.blogspot.com/.  On her personal blog you can meet her 8 month old twin boys, Falcon and Waylen, who make me ALMOST run out and get a pair of cuties just like them... ALMOST!  She's a married, blogging, fashionable momma. 

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how we met... Through a blogging link up of course!  Link parties or link ups are the coolest, and I have met some really awesome bloggers, like Nikki.  We got paired up over at EisyMorgan.  I love Ashley over at EisyMorgan, she's got great link ups, blogging tips, DIY tutorials, and great hair tutorials.  Ashley decided to get into the holiday spirit, all us bloggers needed to do a ornament exchange.  We got paired up and I received Nikki's name through email.  So here we are exchanging ornaments.  This was so much fun and really got me set for this holiday season!

Now back to my glorious package I got in the mail.  Here is what was inside...

This is the handmade card that was enclosed.  How cute and creative is that?
This is the store bought ornament she sent. 
She said since I'm in California I could use some snow.
I said, Amen sister, and he's just the cutest snowman ever!

This is her crafty handmade ornament. 
She tried to incorporate two of my loves.
Starbucks and reading.  Pretty much, right?

You can't see the ornaments, but they look right at home on my little tree.
Here is the little ornament I made for Nikki. 
You can read all about it and see the tutorial here.  It's my first big crafting tutorial experience, so please be kind.

Anyway, this was so fun, and I can't wait to see Nikki's post.  Then, like all link ups we get to see others and get inspired.  Take some time and visit this link up, you won't be disappointed.  You'll meet new bloggers, get new DIY inspiration, and get into the spirit.  Swing by and tell them that crazy lady over at Absolute Mommy sent you!

Happy Blogging,


  1. THe ornament you made is so cute!! Love it! going to read the tutorial now! :)

  2. Cute ornaments!! Wasn't the exchange fun? I loved it!