Happy Megan

Some of my favorite things from Christmas 2011

This book is the shizz!  No joke.  I want to be her BFF.
This was one of my Christmas presents I bought for myself.
These slippers/legwarmers/goodness.
From my cousin Kim and her man Neil.
She can gift like no body's biz.
Kim blogs over here.
Choochie's new skates.
From Santa.
On Christmas Eve I took a much needed break.
Mani/pedis with my Mamma.
Christmas nails and Starbucks.
Merry Christmas to me.
My Grandma Chila's living room in Salinas.
Courtesy of Laura Hernandez, my aunt.
Find her blog here.
It made me cry.  This was my Christmas Eve for years.
This is what my childhood looked like every December 24th.
This guy.  Buddy Fiddlesticks McChristmaspants.
Our Elf who rarely stayed on the shelf.
I had entirely too much fun with this.
Yeah he's at Target.  In a Kitchen Aid.
This look of wonder.  This holiday joy.  This face.
This is Christmas spirit.
Can you feel the love?  Too stinking cute!
This baby give the best hugs on the planet.
Hamming it up!  We are the Christmas crazies!
And that mirror is so old school awesome.

I can't make it through the day without Tazo Awake.
I brew it for iced tea.  By the gallon.
Also that is my newest mug.  Again from my cousin Kim.
Kim is the best gift giver/shopper around.
Thanks Kim. 

This is my new Kindle cover.
It's says I'm artsy and whimsical because of the flowers.
It also says I'm classy because it's the New Yorker.
Like I should be eating a warm bagel, drinking black coffee,
and walking to the subway, in hipster glasses.

Happy Blogging,


  1. oooh I love your kindle cover! gonna have to look for that it's so darn cute:)

  2. :O i loove that kindle cover, where did you find it??

  3. I <3 Mindy!!! :o)

    and your elf's name is too cute!

  4. The Kindle cover is from Target. I have the basic Kindle ($79) and it fits. The book is Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and other concerns by Mindy Kaling. It's hilarious, and Mindy writes for The Office.