Are we having fun yet?

It's almost Christmas.  So I must ask.  Are we having fun yet?

New hair styles are ALWAYS fun. 
Yeah for Mac! 
She finally has enough hair for piggies!

I got new sunglasses that are half rocking 80s and
half something I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing. 
Since both are loves of my life, done and done. 
Also Target, for less than 20 bucks!  Score!

Our Elf, Buddy Fiddlesticks, seems to be having way more fun
this holiday season than we are. 
He's not only hungover, but he's planking (?). 
We are never sure what he's going to do next!

Auntie Anne and Uncle Adam hosted an early Christmas,
so this was Caitlin's favorite gift. 
Many have asked if Caitlin is gearing up for her Quincenerra,
although I believe she may be channelling her inner Madonna. 
You can't see, but those are fingerless lace gloves!  I die! 
It took all my mothering know how NOT to blast "Like A Virgin". 
Completely inappropriate, but seriously it's all I could think about. 
And, yes, I did try to get those gloves on!  Madonna, people!!

Since my beautiful BF Krysten's birthday is on the 14th, our schedules would only allow us a short dinner date.  So with our other BF, Lauren in tow,
we had dinner, and she had 2 of those bad boys she's holding. 
Yes to tequila and yes to BF birthdays that get us showered,
make-up'd and out of the house.

Merry Christmas to ME!  I've been dreaming about this book,
and NO I wasn't going to buy it for my Kindle. 
I wanted to hold it and laugh at the pictures. 
Also Mindy Kaling is amazing, smart, funny, fashionable,
So I bought her book and sent her this pic on twitter. 
Of course I did! 
Follower her on Twitter, she's the bees knees... @mindykaling

Are we having fun yet? 

Happy Blogging,

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  1. Hi Megan, so nice to meet you. Thank you for linking up to Life in an Instant this week. The pigtails are adorable, just like your little Madonna. I had no idea Mindy wrote for the office? She just got all new cool points in my book. Love that you tweeted her :) See you next week?!?