Christmas in an Instant

Things are getting crazy around here.  Like batty.  There are still gifts to buy, more to wrap, and some serious baking to get done.  We start our holiday celebrating with family this Saturday, so Christmas is coming early.  A little stress, a little mess, and little less time to mind my temper and reflect. 

Until I took this picture last night.

Caitlin with Grandma Linda's Tree.  She's got Grandma's Christmas spirit.
That really does make all the hard work, stress, and hours at Toys R Us worth every minute.  That face, that smile, the wonder of it all.  It's Christmas in an instant.

So now, when I'm in a mood.  When I'm fighting for a space at Target, or waiting in a loooong line, I'm going to look at this picture.

This is what it's all about.

Happy Blogging,

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  1. Beautiful picture! She is a doll!! P.S. Did a shout out to you on the blog today! :) THANKS again for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Megan~ I've been reading everyone of your posts for a little while and you make me giggle and nod my head in total understanding. Pretty much going through the same experiences at the moment. Thanks for stopping by my little space, still trying to find the groove of blogging more frequently. I'm glad you got the pic to get you there {I got mine last night when my babe fell asleep in a santa hat that she refuses to take off}. Keep the good stuff comin!