Nativity Ornament Tutorial

This is my attempt at an actual tutorial.  This is the first time I've tried this so please, be easy on me.  I'm not an expert crafter or photographer, so this may look a little "low rent".  That said, I had a great time making this for an ornament exchange at EisyMorgan.  That post will follow shortly.  Lets just say this isn't what I planned, but what I got.  I actually like my version better.

nativity ornament, super cute and simple
courtesy of Pinterest.  No website attached.
Above is the inspiration.  Cute right?  Well I went to Michael's in search of those materials and they were sold out.  Of course they were.  And of course I waited till the last minute.  Also as a side note, as I was trying to "make it work" with other materials, the electricity went out in Michael's twice.  Because of a massive storm and winds.  So, I put on my big girl panties, and got my craft on!

You will need:
*Wood shapes, rectangles, stars and squares. 
I bought all in a convenient bag of "Woodsies"
*3/4 or 1/2 circles, these are your faces
*Paint, colors as you wish, plus flesh colored
*Paper ribbon, twine or rope.  I used paper ribbon
*Glue gun or craft glue or wood glue (whatever you have)
*Foam brushes, brushes
*Fine tip Sharpie (optional)

Here is where you can get as crafty as you like.  You can buy your wood shapes in any size you desire.  You can use whatever comes in that little "Woodsies" bag.  Basically I dumped the bag, laid it out, and then got to painting.  I painted the rectangles red and green, my squares a metallic brown, a gold star of course, and a mini rectangle white.  Your red and green rectangles are your Mary and Joseph, your mini rectangle is your baby Jesus.  Your circles are their faces, with the exception of baby Jesus.  I used a Q-tip for his tiny face.  See below.

Please ignore the hands!  No time for mani's over here!  I've got crafting to do!

Also I chose to draw a face on my Mary, Joseph, and baby.  You don't have too.  You can leave the faces blank.  Also make sure all your "faces" are dry if you decide to Sharpie a face... Yeah, I know, you guys have been crafting it up for years... Rookie mistake!

Once all your shapes are dry, you can start to glue this baby together.  There are a few ways to place the star.  Below is one example.  You can turn it on a point, or glue it on the back peeking through.  Make it your own. 

Here is where I get really "DIY". I forgot to ask my Hubby to drill a hole in the star, so guess what?  Glue gun time.  I used the paper ribbon to make a loop, knotted it, and while holding it down on the back of the star, covered said knot with hot glue.

When that dried, I decided it looked a little plain.  So I added some "flair".  I used more paper ribbon to wrap the ornament on the bottom. 
Again ignore the hands!
That's all folks.  It was so easy and I really fell in love with it.  I'm biased for sure, but I was really proud of myself.  I sent this to Nikki my ornament exchange partner.  I hope it's found a nice home on her tree.  Stop by and say hi to Nikki, then visit her fashion blog here.

Let me know what you think.  Then if you make one of your own come back and link it in the comments.  I'd love to see it.  Have fun, and "Get 'Yo Craft On!"

Happy Blogging,

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  1. You are so creative! I love how the little baby Jesus looks, so cute :)

  2. I forgot to mention in my other post super crafter & super baker.

  3. could also be done with fun foam....thinking of using this for my children's church craft next week!!! Thanks for sharing!!