WIW: Wedding {7th Anniversary}

Seven years ago today I was not a nervous bride.  I was a happy and excited bride.  I had waited not so patiently for this day.  After years of passionate and tumultuous dating, I was finally to the finish line.  My maid of honor had Miss Manners'd me to death, the best man had promised that come hell or high water my groom would be there, and my shoes were perfect.  That's not to say there weren't any surprises and mishaps.  What I'm saying is that one of the happiest days of my life was just the beginning of our journey. 

So to celebrate SEVEN years, of marriage, of babies, of some trials, and always love, I welcome you to WIW: Wedding, my first solo linky.  I hope that you enjoy this trip down memory lane, and that you share your own photos as well.  I can't wait to see what is linked up today, and please share, share, and share!  I'm more nervous about this linky party than I was on my own wedding day!

Link up and share!
WIW: Wedding

Dress: David's Bridal (seriously $299)
Veil: David's Bridal
Shoes: Madeline's Bridal ( Local shop)

Just for the record,
I had blue shoes.
Before it was a thing.
Did you know it was a thing now?
Well I read that on Huffington Post.
But seven years ago,
shoes were my something blue.
And they were comfy!

All My jewelry.
As in bought over the Internet for less than $50.
Oh my Wedding ring is very real.
But I didn't buy that!

My make-up was done by thee most unprofessional make-up artist ever!
He was late, and made the entire bridal party late!
The wedding was still on time, but I had 2 very bride-zilla moments.
My hair was done by Bree Gentry, who still does my hair today.
This was our first major appointment.
I just remember her finishing my hair in under 20 minutes.

My flowers.
My beautiful flowers.
My only request to the florist.
No roses.
And that bouquet was $75.
Thanks to the Fresno State Student Floral department!

Let's talk about this train.
It looks amazing in this shot.
And I look super tall.
I'm not.
I have to say this dress was so comfortable.
I had my heart set on this dress about 6 months before he proposed.
Yes, I was that girl.
I saw it on the David's Bridal website,
and book marked it.

When he finally put a ring on it,
I went in and tried it on.
The first size I tried didn't fit well.
I was heart broken.
My mom convinced me to try on a smaller size.
There was no way it was going to fit.
I kept saying that, even after it was zipped.
It fit like a glove.

And yes this totally happened.
And no the cake was no GF, but I didn't get sick.
The plan was for him to feed me frosting only.
John had other plans.
So I got a face full of cake.
See that piece of cake in the front of my dress?
Take note of that.
We'll come back to it.

There I am mid clean up.
Also, notice John has some frosting to clean up too?
Well, I threw cake at him.
While our reception guests laughed and whooped and egged us on.
Yeah, it was that kind of night.
Plus with all the flash photography we were kind of blinded.

No hard feelings.
We were covered in cake.
I found cake in places I shouldn't have had cake.
And I smelled like strawberries and butter cream for the rest of the night.
Not a bad way to smell if you like cake.
John's jacket seemed to get the brunt of it.
Good thing it was rented.
We did have to have our first dance in his shirt sleeves.
It was better that way.
Casual is how we roll.

Here we are during our first dance.
I bet he is thinking about all the martial bliss we are going to have.
Nah, he's probably thinking that I'm going to give him hell for the rest of his life.
He was pretty spot on about both.

And remember that cake in the front of my dress....

Yeah, that totally happened too.
And there are many pictures to prove it.
Nice and classy!

I think the best thing about my wedding day
was that for the first time in my life I felt beautiful.
I wasn't worried about my hair or make - up.
I wasn't worried about that stomach I couldn't get as flat as I wanted.
That day, as soon as I said "I do",
all my insecurities vanished.
I just let it all go, relaxed, and had a blast!
It was a great day!

So Happy Anniversary John.
You love me, even when I don't deserve it.
You made dreams I didn't know I had, come true.
You make me laugh, daily.
I want to laugh with you until death do us part.

PS: A funny thing happened on the way to this linky.
I discovered that my CD of wedding photos is damaged.
As in there are no longer any pictures on my CD.
Currently in the process of getting another copy.
Thank God the photographer is a good friend!

Dirty Secret Saturday {Linky Party}



Welcome to another edition of Dirty Secret Saturday. 
This is a linky party just for you. 
To get all those secrets off your chest. 
It can be funny, it can be heartbreaking, it can be real. 
It just has to be all yours. 
We want all the dirt. 
All that we ask in return is you give us some bloggy love,
and share this button on your post. 
Then let all your friends via Twitter and Facebook know,
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Your hosts are:
Chrissy from A Lil Dash Of Diva

Let's get down to business shall we...

This is how we roll.
In Target or the grocery store.
My kids will be eating some form of non-nutritious food.
And hopefully they won't scream too much,
because then I'll have to break out the peanut butter cups.

Mac's 2nd birthday party is tomorrow.
I called my mother's housekeeper to come clean my sty.
Yes, it was a sty.
I hate to clean.
So instead of stressing about baseboards,
I called a professional.
Clean house =  Happy Mommy.
It's how I roll, but only on special occasions,
like birthday parties, or Tuesdays.

Recently I have loved some Instagram pictures,
highlighting recent dinners from other bloggers.
They include: cereal, pb&j, grilled cheese, granola bars.
God bless these blogger moms.
Grilled cheese and goldfish are exactly how we roll.

I haven't worn my hair down in weeks.
It's just easier to wear it up,
And with my bangs, my hair takes 5 minutes.
Is it possible to downscale a non existent
beauty routine even further?
Ponytails and funky mini buns are how I'm rolling.

Summer is quickly approaching here in Fresno.
Let's say 114 degree temps make shorts and tanks a necessity.
However, I have a problem with leg hair.
As in, when I shave, my legs have 5 o'clock shadow.
I'm super serious, ask anyone.
So I've turned to the maxi dress.
Or as my Hubby affectionately calls it "the moo" as in mu mu.
The best invention for stay at home moms since the DVR.
I love the maxi dress so much, because it hides unshaved,
or recently just shaved legs that got chilled and now have stubble.
So if you see me in a maxi dress,
then I must have unshaved legs.
Sorry, it's how I roll.

So now I've gotta go and take care of some pre-party BS.
Seriously when did kiddo birthday parties
turn into such high profile events?
I remember cake and ice cream,
pin the tail on something or other, and gifts.

I guess that's what happens when you add Pinterest,
a glue gun, and enough DIY blogs to run a small country.
Sorry crafters, I turned to the party store for my centerpieces.

I've got some posts to write.  A cake to make.  Goody bags to fill.
And Thursday's Grey's Anatomy to watch.
I've got priorities.
It's how I roll.


InstaGiveaway {InstaFriday}

It's the last Friday of April, and what better way to say goodbye to an awesome month than with a giveaway from some of my awesome sponsors.  This month was incredible here on this little bloggy that could.  I had traffic increases, new followers on all my media sites (especially Twitter! Hola to my Tweeps!), and looks like I just migh hit 400 GFC followers... WOW!  Not to mention all the new friends I have made this month! Thanks everyone for making April AMAZING!

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Now on with the show!



Is it weird I want to win my own giveaway?
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Good Luck and have fun. 

Dear Miss Mac,

Dear Miss Mac,

You my angel face, are two today.  Yes!  Two years old.  And your mama is shocked at how the time has flown.  I was relieved when we celebrated your first year.  A year filled with love and learning, but also a tough year for mom, trying to wrangle you and your sister.  I was also still reeling from your "birth day".  It still gets me, at the oddest times, but it's not so heavy on my heart anymore.  These days, the heaviness is from watching my shorty, angel face, grow up all too quickly.  You are starting to look like a toddler (finally), but I hate to admit that I'm going to miss having a baby around.

Angel Face, you are a doll.  You make mama smile even on foggy days.  You are funny just like your daddy and can lighten any situation.  Your facial expressions are more than words.  You can give a dirty look better than any Hernandez I know.  Your smile melts any heart, especially your daddy who is challenged with taking anything away from you, and your mama who tries to be tough, but just can't follow through.

I want you to know that I find it simply amazing that you are talking.  A lot.  You get that from me.  Once you got started a few months back, you haven't stopped.  I'm amazed that you know the color purple.  You ask "where's daddee" and "daddees wok".  I love that you ask for "eye-sh tee" and "cocos", which translates into iced tea and chocolate.  I know breakfast of champions, but you know what you like.  I love that you call for your
"mon-eee" (grandma) and your "papa" (great grandpa), and they love that you ask for them.

I love that you still love Yo Gabba Gabba, you ask for "dabba dabs" and point to the tv.  You sing, "dee dee Do Do" for Dora, and "go go dogo" for Diego.  You also sing and babble to yourself in your own Mac language, and I can hear you from other rooms.  When I check on you I find you are rocking your "babies" or collecting your "friends", like Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Brobee. 

And sometimes, when you forget we are listening, you will go ahead and sing your "hoppy" song.  Listening to you sing, You are my sunshine, in your own way, nailing the melody like you have sung it since birth, squeezes my full heart.  The only word I recognize is "hoppy", and it makes me happy too.  I'm so glad Papa was able to teach it to you, and that you love him and this song so much. 

I'm so incredibly glad that I had you.  I'm so happy that I let go, and took the road less traveled.  Had I played it safe, I would have never known the actual joy of motherhood.  You also gave me a gift only you could give, a second chance to be the kind of mom I wanted to be.  A chance to really feel like a good mother, a worthy mother.  Thank you.  Thank you for all the second chances you have blessed me with.  Thank you for all the midnight feedings I didn't cry through.  Thank you for all the 3 am diaper changes where I sang to you, instead of acted like a zombie.  Thank you for teaching me the fine art of being myself and being a mom.

So today you are two.  And we will have cake and ice cream.  We will sing and open gifts and get pedicures (ok, that's mostly for me).  We will say a prayer of thanks for this life.  This life that is so precious and blessed.  It's funny, but mom thought she had it all. 
Then she had you...

Happy Birthday Miss Mac... And many more.  Mama loves you, more than Starbucks.

Me and my Tweeps! {Our Reflection Twitter Hop}

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Look what I got {Covert Robin}

the covert robin button
Check out the linky party
at Imagine Gnats!
I want you to meet Katie, who drew my
name in the Covert Robin operation. 
She totally blog stalked me, and I'm grateful for it. 
She made me an awesome wristlet...
Wait until you read about the fabric she used...

Hi there, I'm Katie and I blog at There & Back.  I thought I should put a little picture so you'd know who you're dealing with :-) I don't always have pink hair though, sometimes it's blue..

As soon as I heard about the Covert Robin Swap I knew I wanted in. I'm a girl who loves to make fun little goodies for other people. Which would explain why I work as a pastry chef..... Anyway, I was lucky enough to get to make a gift for Megan. I didn't know her before the swap, so it was fun to blog stalk her as I secretly tried to get to know her. I now know just how awesome she is!
Wristlet - hanging
Since Megan is a busy mom, I thought she might like a little wristlet. It's something she could throw some cash, cards, her keys and a lipgloss into. It's bright and colourful, so it should be easy to spot when it's in a larger bag or buried under kid stuff. I made it with my very favourite fabric, which is a map of the London Underground.  I included a couple of other goodies for Megan too. A keychain, one of several styles that I make for a local shop, and of course I included every mom's go-to treat, chocolate.

Covert Robin Swap -ready to send

It was such a pleasure to to send this package of goodies to Megan. The only thing that would have made it better, was it I could have hand delivered it so we could hang out.

Did you catch that? 
The fabric she used was printed
Which totally reminds me Harry Potter. 
Like in the Half Blood Prince where
he's having coffee in that shop
and suddenly Dumbledore appears...
It blew me away!

Thanks so much Katie!! 
You rock my blogging world!
Did you get any Covert Robin swag? 
Let me know, so I can check it out!!

What are "beauty products"? {Tues10}

It's Tuesday, which means, I will be linking up with my bloggy friend Lena. I love her Tuesday 10 themes. It helps keep me inspired. However today's made me laugh out loud... Well more like a snort and then a cackle.

Today's them is "10 Beauty Products". And I'm like, "say what". I am challenged to come up with 10 beauty products that I use. Ok, sure I know I have some, but 10 will require me to list everything from start to finish. No really, because I'm that low maintenance.  Let's put it in perspective, when I get "fancy", I add like three more items to this list. Which means I add eyeshadow, mascara, and eyebrow pencil.
So here is the list of items you need to look as fabulous as AbsoluteMommy

  1. Head and shoulders (let's not talk about why this is necessary right now)
  2. John Freida Conditioner for breakage (also, losing your hair is not the biz)
  3. Dove Soap (since high school.  and no fancy schmancy soap will fill it's shoes)
  4. Avon Acne scrub (still breaking out like I'm 13)
  5. Avon Solutions eye gel (for the luggage under my eyes)
  6. Garnier Beauty Balm (it truly is the balm... lol)
  7. Avon minerals blush (to add some color, like I've been lazing in the sun)
  8. Cover girl clear mascara (for the brows)
  9. Knock off Target brand Aquafor (for the lips)
  10. Suave Cheapo hair spray (for everyday, not fancy days)

I really had to stretch that list.  You see, the easier the better.  The faster I can look decent, the faster I can make sure my kids aren't mashing chips into the carpet while watching Octonauts.  Yes, Octonauts.  If you don't know Octonauts, then call your cable company and demand Disney Jr.  It saves mommy lives, people!

Also this quickie beauty routine has made it possible for me to go from bed, to shower, to car, in under 45 minutes.  College/20-something Megan is super jealous.  Ok, she's really not, because she's still asleep.


Do I even have to say it???