April Showers {Coffe Date + InstaFriday}

If you were to come over to my house, I'd probably have a panic attack.  I'd try to explain all of the garbage bags of clothes and baby stuff to donate.  I'd try to explain the endless coils of wires and cords where our computer once was.  I'd try to explain the mountains of laundry still piled in my living room.  Along with a sea of toys, crushed pringles and goldfish crackers, and the kids shoes that never seem to get put away.

I'd have to offer you iced tea or water.  I think I have coffee somewhere.  But no creamer.  How's hot chocolate?  Can I make it up to you in Oreos?  Pink and white frosted Animal Cookies?

Then I'd share that spending time on the blog this week has been a challenge.  I'm always overwhelmed by emails, and that leaves me too anxious to write.  That when I'm in the zone, my kiddos always need more attention.  That blogging after the kiddos go to bed, means missed time with the hubbs. 

But enough of that!  I'd then show you these pictures of our week, and tell you how incredibly blessed I am.  That in the last few weeks, life around here has been happy and healthy.  That while I still argue with my 4 year old, and still can't understand my almost 2 year old, I wouldn't change any of it.  And I'd ask you, how could I be in front of a computer with all this life going on?

Easter baskets for the girlies.

Chocolate bunnies in a cage.

Hoppy Face.
Cool glasses from the Easter Bunny.

Monkey see, Monkey do.
Mac's turn with the glasses.

Monday was incredible.
Warm and toasty.
So outdoors we went.
The Easter Bunny brought bubbles too.
Caitlin was in her own world twirling.
To be four.

Mac's got a serious case of Cheeto face.
Glad it's not noticeable.
We are having fun with the reverse camera.
She loves it.

Concentrating hard on getting "big" bubbles.
What on Earth is more fun than a bubble pipe??

Jumping in puddles.
One of her favorite activities.
She kept asking and asking.
So as we left Old Navy,
I said ok.
At least it wasn't raining.

So even though I was sad that the weather changed.  That we got soaked two mornings in a row at preschool drop off.  This week was wonderful.  That's not so say that there isn't laundry or dishes that need attention.  Our home office is under construction.  I've got Mac's 2nd birthday party to plan.  All those things aside, this week I just let it go. 

How was your week friends?


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  1. i always love your refreshing honesty. that you will be the first to admit that your home is not sparkling clean or that life doesn't always go as planned! Moms like me need to hear that! It's such an encouragment!

  2. I would totally have coffee with you! That bubble pipe is adorable! My little man is obsessed with bubbles too! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. The bunny in the cage is PRICELESS love it! You can totally bribe me with animal cookies!!

  4. LOVE all the pic's!!!!
    :) my week has been great - looking forward to some relaxing this weekend, garage sales, possible thrifting and enjoying family time!
    Lotsa love to you sweetie,

  5. Newest blog and twitter follower! You are adorable. Love your blog! :))

  6. I love your pictures.What a darling family. They must keep you hopping :) Your blog is a very happy place to be. So glad I found it and thank you for sharing your cute family!