Daddy, Lead the way {Photo Challenge}

Our Reflection's weekly photo challenge has been so much fun, and so inspiring.  If I'm not challenged to take a photo, I'm challenged to find a photo.  I love going back and viewing all the pictures of our life that are hiding away on my hard drive.  I'm just so sad that that is where they are, on my hard drive... Any suggestions friends?

So this week, the challenge is Faceless Portrait.  And it was a challenge for me.  What did I want to say?  What did I want the photo to say?  Did I even have a faceless portrait?  Well, I do have one, and it is one of my favorite photos to date.  It's also one of my first Instagrams. 

Taken in November, this was our first Fresno State Tailgate as a family.
All four of us doing Daddy's favorite fall activity.
Daddy, the die hard Fresno State Bulldog Fan.
So the girlies and Daddy, getting to know the school that brought us together.
Daddy, leading the way, teaching them about football,
life, and loyality.
Walking together, hand in hand.
My heart, split 3 ways.

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