Take me away {Tuesday10}

Tuesday 10
Link up friends!!
Today, Lena, from Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby is asking
what 10 things we would take with us on a deserted island. 
I'm a huge fan of Lost,
so right away it got me thinking about what I would really need,
and what I could do without. 
Here are my 10.

My BFF, because then she would bring 10 items
like her Nook and wifi. 
She would also bring indulgences like coffee and cigarettes. 
So yeah.  I'm all about it.

Hurley.  Duh.
image via google images

Katniss Everdeen.  Double Duh.
image via google images
She can hunt, so I'd be fed. 
She can weave grass into skirts, shelter, bowls. 
She know what plants are safe. 
She's a badass.  Don't lie. 
You want her on your island too.

Wilson.  Triple Duh
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Who better to keep you company than loyal Wilson. 
You know you wish he was on your list now.

Why are we even counting duh's?
image via google images
That island is gonna need some man candy. 
Man candy that can hunt, fight, swim,
and get scruffy in all the right ways. 
Your welcome.

Six - Ten
Enough food
Enough water
Enough wi-fi to update our Facebook status from
"Starving" to "Katniss rules. Thanks for Dinner".
A Starbucks. 
Because the world is incomplete without Baristas.

What are you taking?  No you can't have Katniss or my BF.  Sawyer?  Negotiable.



  1. this is a fantastic list! love all of it! Yes for Hurley and Sawyer!!

  2. hahaha! I would need Starbucks too!

  3. ok..that was great...you were much more creative than me!!

  4. Hahaha so funny, I love the Wilson touch.

  5. I forgot about coffee all together, let alone Starbucks! nice list :)

  6. Ok, I LOVE this! I am such a huge lost fan. Wouldn't it be great to have Hurley with you to keep you company? Great post. xo

  7. AH! I *just* stumbled upon your blog via the Debonair Bandit and read this post and had to comment. A fellow LOSTie! And one who chooses Sawyer over Jack. ::High Five:: We are kindred LOSTie spirits! Great list, btw.