Dirty Secret Saturday {Linky Party}



Welcome to another edition of Dirty Secret Saturday. 
This is a linky party just for you. 
To get all those secrets off your chest. 
It can be funny, it can be heartbreaking, it can be real. 
It just has to be all yours. 
We want all the dirt. 
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Your hosts are:
Chrissy from A Lil Dash Of Diva

Let's get down to business shall we...

This is how we roll.
In Target or the grocery store.
My kids will be eating some form of non-nutritious food.
And hopefully they won't scream too much,
because then I'll have to break out the peanut butter cups.

Mac's 2nd birthday party is tomorrow.
I called my mother's housekeeper to come clean my sty.
Yes, it was a sty.
I hate to clean.
So instead of stressing about baseboards,
I called a professional.
Clean house =  Happy Mommy.
It's how I roll, but only on special occasions,
like birthday parties, or Tuesdays.

Recently I have loved some Instagram pictures,
highlighting recent dinners from other bloggers.
They include: cereal, pb&j, grilled cheese, granola bars.
God bless these blogger moms.
Grilled cheese and goldfish are exactly how we roll.

I haven't worn my hair down in weeks.
It's just easier to wear it up,
And with my bangs, my hair takes 5 minutes.
Is it possible to downscale a non existent
beauty routine even further?
Ponytails and funky mini buns are how I'm rolling.

Summer is quickly approaching here in Fresno.
Let's say 114 degree temps make shorts and tanks a necessity.
However, I have a problem with leg hair.
As in, when I shave, my legs have 5 o'clock shadow.
I'm super serious, ask anyone.
So I've turned to the maxi dress.
Or as my Hubby affectionately calls it "the moo" as in mu mu.
The best invention for stay at home moms since the DVR.
I love the maxi dress so much, because it hides unshaved,
or recently just shaved legs that got chilled and now have stubble.
So if you see me in a maxi dress,
then I must have unshaved legs.
Sorry, it's how I roll.

So now I've gotta go and take care of some pre-party BS.
Seriously when did kiddo birthday parties
turn into such high profile events?
I remember cake and ice cream,
pin the tail on something or other, and gifts.

I guess that's what happens when you add Pinterest,
a glue gun, and enough DIY blogs to run a small country.
Sorry crafters, I turned to the party store for my centerpieces.

I've got some posts to write.  A cake to make.  Goody bags to fill.
And Thursday's Grey's Anatomy to watch.
I've got priorities.
It's how I roll.



  1. Haha. My oldest who is now 8, when he was little i bought my food at walmart. i bought him a hot wheel car every trip.i think its fine to bribe. i just keep letting my 18 month old suck a binky to keep him hush. I'm not sure i will ever take it away!! And i keep bdays so simple. no diys, store bought cake and hot dogs. end of story.

  2. the only eat I make it through a trip to Walmart is if Ruby it's eating something! ;)
    have a great party! I can't wait to see pics!

  3. hahaha I love the one about the maxi dress being the greatest thing for SAHM's since the dvr. I couldn't agree more! lmao!

  4. I hear you! I have two Maxis.....oh and don't forget Maxi skirts! They rock, too! I joined the linky party and wanted to say hi, I'm also your newest follower!

  5. I love it! You made me laugh so hard, and I needed it. I do not think I have giggled all week long. So glad I follow this blog!!!! But, hunny grilled cheese and goldfish is how this Mommy rolls too! ♥

  6. I am a sponsor on Little Becky too! I saw your cute button and had to click. Thanks for hosting your blog hop! I will be hosting my first ever blog hop tomorrow. Its Mom's Monday Mingle! Hope you can link up!

    New follower! Great blog!


  7. That was just an awesome post! I linked up over on mom to memphis :) But seriously, awesome post. If I could write with more of a sense of humour, I could have written it word for word. Have a great, ponytail filled week!