WIW: Wedding {7th Anniversary}

Seven years ago today I was not a nervous bride.  I was a happy and excited bride.  I had waited not so patiently for this day.  After years of passionate and tumultuous dating, I was finally to the finish line.  My maid of honor had Miss Manners'd me to death, the best man had promised that come hell or high water my groom would be there, and my shoes were perfect.  That's not to say there weren't any surprises and mishaps.  What I'm saying is that one of the happiest days of my life was just the beginning of our journey. 

So to celebrate SEVEN years, of marriage, of babies, of some trials, and always love, I welcome you to WIW: Wedding, my first solo linky.  I hope that you enjoy this trip down memory lane, and that you share your own photos as well.  I can't wait to see what is linked up today, and please share, share, and share!  I'm more nervous about this linky party than I was on my own wedding day!

Link up and share!
WIW: Wedding

Dress: David's Bridal (seriously $299)
Veil: David's Bridal
Shoes: Madeline's Bridal ( Local shop)

Just for the record,
I had blue shoes.
Before it was a thing.
Did you know it was a thing now?
Well I read that on Huffington Post.
But seven years ago,
shoes were my something blue.
And they were comfy!

All My jewelry.
As in bought over the Internet for less than $50.
Oh my Wedding ring is very real.
But I didn't buy that!

My make-up was done by thee most unprofessional make-up artist ever!
He was late, and made the entire bridal party late!
The wedding was still on time, but I had 2 very bride-zilla moments.
My hair was done by Bree Gentry, who still does my hair today.
This was our first major appointment.
I just remember her finishing my hair in under 20 minutes.

My flowers.
My beautiful flowers.
My only request to the florist.
No roses.
And that bouquet was $75.
Thanks to the Fresno State Student Floral department!

Let's talk about this train.
It looks amazing in this shot.
And I look super tall.
I'm not.
I have to say this dress was so comfortable.
I had my heart set on this dress about 6 months before he proposed.
Yes, I was that girl.
I saw it on the David's Bridal website,
and book marked it.

When he finally put a ring on it,
I went in and tried it on.
The first size I tried didn't fit well.
I was heart broken.
My mom convinced me to try on a smaller size.
There was no way it was going to fit.
I kept saying that, even after it was zipped.
It fit like a glove.

And yes this totally happened.
And no the cake was no GF, but I didn't get sick.
The plan was for him to feed me frosting only.
John had other plans.
So I got a face full of cake.
See that piece of cake in the front of my dress?
Take note of that.
We'll come back to it.

There I am mid clean up.
Also, notice John has some frosting to clean up too?
Well, I threw cake at him.
While our reception guests laughed and whooped and egged us on.
Yeah, it was that kind of night.
Plus with all the flash photography we were kind of blinded.

No hard feelings.
We were covered in cake.
I found cake in places I shouldn't have had cake.
And I smelled like strawberries and butter cream for the rest of the night.
Not a bad way to smell if you like cake.
John's jacket seemed to get the brunt of it.
Good thing it was rented.
We did have to have our first dance in his shirt sleeves.
It was better that way.
Casual is how we roll.

Here we are during our first dance.
I bet he is thinking about all the martial bliss we are going to have.
Nah, he's probably thinking that I'm going to give him hell for the rest of his life.
He was pretty spot on about both.

And remember that cake in the front of my dress....

Yeah, that totally happened too.
And there are many pictures to prove it.
Nice and classy!

I think the best thing about my wedding day
was that for the first time in my life I felt beautiful.
I wasn't worried about my hair or make - up.
I wasn't worried about that stomach I couldn't get as flat as I wanted.
That day, as soon as I said "I do",
all my insecurities vanished.
I just let it all go, relaxed, and had a blast!
It was a great day!

So Happy Anniversary John.
You love me, even when I don't deserve it.
You made dreams I didn't know I had, come true.
You make me laugh, daily.
I want to laugh with you until death do us part.

PS: A funny thing happened on the way to this linky.
I discovered that my CD of wedding photos is damaged.
As in there are no longer any pictures on my CD.
Currently in the process of getting another copy.
Thank God the photographer is a good friend!


  1. What a wonderful post! I so enjoyed reading it. Congrats!!

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    thanks for this linkup... so fun!

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    Happy Anniversary!!

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    But what you said about feeling truly beautiful for the very first time - yep, I felt that way. I didn't care about the hair and makeup either. I felt radiant! :)

    Loved this link up - so very fun!

  19. Happy anniversary Megan! You were a gorgeous bride and I love your dress!

    What a fun link up! I loved looking back through all my wedding photos trying to figure out which ones to post. =)

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    I found your blog over Weiya of http://enjoyerofgrace.blogspot.com/, Love your wedding story and you look gorgeous.

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    Thanks for sharing.


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  33. Thank you for the link up, Megan! :)

  34. haha, love that last pic. And no way -are you from Fresno?! My husband and I went to Buchanan High in Clovis. Fresno State did my bouquet too and I LOVED it! So cheap, right? Happy anniversary!

  35. Hi Megan! You were a gorgeous bride, happy (belated) anniversary! I just stumbled upon your blog and your link up...I am new to blogging (started my blog a bit ago but then did not blog for awhile...now I'm back ;) but this was so much fun!! Thanks for doing it! You have a new follower here! Have a great evening...Jillie

  36. What a great idea. I got a lil nervous at your cake part though. Always makes my stomach hurt when I see images of cake on wedding dresses that cost so much and make up that is precisely in the right place. Glad to read that there were no hard feelings. Umm... I would like to participate in this link up because my 17th annv. is coming up this June, but I'm hesitant to because it was 17 YEARS AGO! I'm gonna take the link and store it for now, because I do love telling my love story, as I love HEARING all love stories.

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  38. what a gorgeous bride you were and are! and i love that you wore blue shoes!