Blogger Babes AUGUST

Since August was totally crazy for me,
I'm showcasing all my Blogger Babes today!
What a way to end August.
Today they are bringing you their favorite Instagrams.
Some back to school tips.
Even some free ad space!
Thank you August Sponsors!
Now lets show them some love!!

A back to school tip, recipe, fashion trend, project
Always wear comfortable shoes on the first day.  
I can't wait for fall because
I can't wait to wear my Ugg boots.
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A back to school tip, recipe, fashion trend, project
Invest in a good backpack for your kid(s)!  
So important for them to have something
comfortable and appropriate for their age & needs!  
Think of it as an investment...
if you buy a cheap one,
you'll be headed back to the store for a new one
before the year is over for sure!

 I can't wait for fall because
I love how pretty fall is here!
I just wished this particular season last longer...
seems like we go from Summer to Winter pretty quickly!



Back to School Trend
For Mom: The Boyfriend's a must have for fall!
  For Your Kiddos:  Denim versatile in any wardrobe!

I Can't Wait for Fall because
You know I'm gonna say fashion, right? 
Love layering in the fall!
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    Back to school tip

 Since my children are all preschool-age and   
younger, I don't have many back to school tips.
However, I DO plan on doing this on the first day of school!

    I can't wait for fall because

we love those family nights on the couch next to the fire!


And that's it for August guys!
Still lots of space left for September.
Who wants wants to be a Blogger Babe?

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Office Day {See attached}

Today is one of those wild and crazy days.
So I'm going to call it an office day.
Here is a list of things I may or may not be doing today:
Swim class with Mac
Sewing game day dresses for my girls.
Collecting pictures for the Looking Back linkup on Saturday.
Getting my sponsors post together.
I've got some blogger babes for you to meet!
Guesting at Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.
I'm sharing Toddler Mix.
Yes, my own invention!
Training for a 5k.
Say what?
Attending Back to School night.
Why aren't there more than 24 hours in a parents day?
Also be sure to visit these lovely bloggies that won ad space from me!


I'm the mother who...

Taken from My Adventures Through Mommyhood's
Facebook Page.
I'm the mother who:
Got tired of the whining and dramatics yesterday.
Could hear her daughter sassing her grandma on the
other side of the store.
Yelled "Caitlin Elizabeth" and the entire store stopped and turned.
Got tired of the opposition put forth by a small five year old.
When faced with so much opposition from said five year old,
screamed so loud and with such force, is convinced she pulled a muscle.
Made dinner anyway with a red face of embarrassment,
and a conscience overloaded with mommy guilt.
Almost lost it again when both kids refused to eat said dinner.
Quietly and quickly left dad in charge, and went for a walk,
to think about things and calm down.
Wonders why some days are like clock work,
and others are like a word problem.
Pulled herself together, as best as she could,
read bedtime stories and visited Pinterest.
Climbed into bed, and thanked God for blessing me.
With another day to make mistakes.
And with children who, at this age don't remember them.
Prayed for more days, more blessing, and more patience.
Are you a "mother who", too?

Football Wife Fashion {Tuesday 10}

Saturday is the first home game for Fresno State.  If you know me in real life, then you know that my Husband pulls out all the stops for Fresno State Football.  Tailgates, games, beer, BBQ, and absolutely no "booing" the home team.  I've been known to do that a time or two.  My bad.

When Lena invited me to co-host Tuesday 10, I suggested we talk about our personal must haves for fall.  Mine are centered around Fresno State Football, and more importantly the weather that will be nothing like fall until November.  I swear, it's going to be in the 90s until Halloween.  Every year, never fails.

I've picked the following items based on my brand new pair of red Toms.  That's right the hubby sprung for a new pair in his favorite color Bulldog Red.  It's to motivate me and guilt me into attending more than one home game this year.  How can I refuse with brand new Toms?  I picked pieces that will be awesome on Game Day, especially when the weather gets cooler.  I also picked pieces that will make me look like a very casual, polished, and preppy SAHM.  A win win RIGHT?

Game Day

I promise I'll revise my must haves when it's not 100 degrees outside and I can look at my brown boots and jeans without breaking a sweat!  And I think I'm going have to promise my hubby that I will attend 4 home games plus tailgates because I seriously need those boyfriend jeans above in my life.  I'm currently without boyfriend jeans.  Sad.

Tell us what your top 10 fashion must haves for fall, then link up!  Or if you are sweating like me and can't even begin to think about wool sweaters, link up 10 of anything. 

A big thanks to Lena for letting me tag along. 

Pinning and Winning! {The Hob} Co-Hosting!

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Hey guys!
I'm so excited to be part of the fun today!
So kick back and relax and enjoy:
The Hob!
If you have followed my blog for awhile
then you know my obsession with the Hunger Games.
You should find it no surprise that I
watched the movie three times last weekend.
Have I mentioned that I have two children 5 and under.
Did I mention that I hid out in the
house just so I could watch the reaping twice.
And I rewound the VOD twice just
so I could see Peeta crying on his way to the train.
It's a disease I tell you.
To make it an even deeper obsession I turned to Pinterest.
To find all pins Hunger Games.
Even better I found some really hilarious pins.
So sit back and enjoy these spoofs on the Hunger Games.
And if you'd like to see all the pins and their sources,
 feel free to stop by The Hob.
Yes, I named the board The Hob.
Peeta's Song


You know you were
thinking the same thing!
Effie, is that you???

OMG, I laughed so hard.
No, he doesn't even go here!
Poor Gale.
She really did have to
focus on the games.
It's not you, it's...
You have to admit,
Peeta is super handy
with the frostings.

 I hope that I made you laugh today.
Even if you don't like the Hunger Games.
Even if you are Team Gale.
Also if you'd like to peep some of my other obsessions,
check out the following boards.
Now it's your turn to link up,
and May the Odds be ever in your Favor! 


THANK YOU to all who linked up last week!

So, who's "Winning at Pinning?"

This week it's Lizzy & Jane's Opulence Collection:

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Kindergarten {The first week}

No one ever can prepare you for motherhood.
It's not possible.
Because every ones experience is different.
Every child is different.
There are books, and mom friends,
but in the end, it's just you and your child.
I knew, in my heart, that Kindergarten would be an adjustment.
I knew that it wasn't going to be the usual, status quo.
Because my kids, my motherhood, my life is never status quo.
And that's ok.
After 5 years of navigating this journey,
I'm more than ok with bumps in the road.
So we started kindergarten.
Bright and early on Monday morning.
Earlier than we had been up all Summer.
We were excited and nervous.
The first day met all our expectations!
WIW: Kindergarten!
Dress and Shoe: Gymboree
Lunch box and Bag Pack: Target
Squinty eyes: The SUN!
Yep, that's her desk.
I just about cried.
Desks are a big deal.
It's where the educational magic happens.
Found our seat.
What's the first thing a blogging mama does?
Take one for Instagram.
Here is a better smile!
Can't tell you who is more nervous.
Daddy or Caitlin.
Here he is giving her a pep talk.

Kindergarten is always better with friends.
Here is her BF from Preschool.
The power of Prayer y'all!
So our first day was amazing.
This is what she looked like when I picked her up.

"It was a great day", Caitlin, 5 years old
And here is how she looked on Thursday morning.
 Here she is on Friday morning.
Signing up for "cold lunch".
And you all would just go on thinking that we
were having a grand old time in Kindergarten.
That we had a painless and tearless first week.
But I don't blog that way.
So here is what happened every morning after the first day.
My big girl, trying to wipe away all the tears before going into class.
You see, she doesn't like that she has to walk in without me.
She has to line up with her classmates and walk to her desk.
Independent of Mom.
Like a big girl.
So every morning we are fine, until we have to line up.
And then the waterworks start.
I put on my brave face.
I smile, and tell her how proud I am of my Kindergartner.
That I know she can do it.
That I will be here to pick her up before she knows it.
Then I wait until she is inside, and hide around the corner.
And then peek in the tinted window to see,
what I was pretty sure of,
she is just fine, no tears, taking her place at carpet time.
No one can prepare you for the emotional roller coaster of motherhood.
Thank God, though.
I love the ride.

TGIF {Friday Letters/Instagram}

Dear Friday,
You are glorious.
Like that scene in Beerfest,
I want to freeze you and skate on you in the winter,
then melt you and drink you in the spring.
However this isn't the exact part of this
quote that I'm thinking,
but I'm trying to stay classy.
Dear Kindergarten,
You done whopped my ass this week.
I'm not even going to kindergarten.
That's how much you rocked me.
Be good to my girl, or else.
Dear Alarm,
You are a serious cramp in my ass.
However I love you and your snooze button.

Dear Blog,
I took a short break.
We needed it.
It wasn't you, it was me.
I came crawling back.
And still this week I have ignored you.
My apologies.
Would you like some flowers?
Dear Hunger Games,
Curses on all your damn districts!
You got me.
This time with your movie.
Which forced me to re-read the books.
Which forced me to realize that you did a terrible job!
Peeta loses a leg!
What was so damn hard about that?
Dear Catching Fire Casting Directors,
This is not Finnick Odair.

This is.

What was so hard about this situation?
Dear Self,
Never, for one moment think that you are one
of those bloggers.
You know the ones, with the awesome self portraits on Instagram.
Showing off their new hair cuts, or sunglasses, or WIWs.
Don't think you are that cool,
because you are not.
You really look like this...

Dear Caitlin,
Yeah, I was trying to take a serious pic of my new hair cut.
Then I saw you photo bombing me,
and I realized.
Mommy just ain't that serious.
PS: you are rocking Kindergarten.
An entire post will be devoted to you.
Dear Readers,
If you can find me this shirt,
I'll give you free Featured ad space for a year.
I would never joke about something so serious.
You can find Friday Letters here.
You can find InstaFriday here.
Meet Kristine
She's having one heck of a celebration

The Last Hurrah {Good bye Summer}

Sadly, summer is over.  Obviously Fresno didn't receive the memo as it's still in the 100s here.  But Summer has officially ended, as Caitlin started Kindergarten on Monday.  That post will be written over the weekend, as it's emotional with a side of sarcasm.  I wasn't ready for summer to end.  We had been spending endless days at my mom's pool.  Late nights in our front yard with the neighbors, and of course sleeping away early mornings.  It's over friends.  My phone has been set to have an alarm go off on "weekdays".  Things just got real around here.

Here is a re-cap of last weekend.  A weekend I tried to let loose and forget that Monday, everything would change.

Dear Summer,
You didn't give us enough time.
You forgot that I still have things on our bucket list.
Didn't you see me calling for a time out?
See you next year.
Where you can redeem yourself.

Movie night in the driveway.
Thanks to Daddy's laptop.
Mac and her BF.
Popcorn and capri suns.
Megamind as the sun disappeared.
It was awesome!!

How fast time flies.
With style obviously.
This is Caitlin on the day before Kindergarten.
Such a big girl.

Our last lazy day by the pool.
Such an event has to be reserved for weekends now.
One last day to enjoy the cool water on an extra hot day.
How I'm going to miss lounging lazily by the pool.
Saturdays and Sundays just won't cut it.

Meet Cassie
Your mommyhood just got funnier.