The Last Hurrah {Good bye Summer}

Sadly, summer is over.  Obviously Fresno didn't receive the memo as it's still in the 100s here.  But Summer has officially ended, as Caitlin started Kindergarten on Monday.  That post will be written over the weekend, as it's emotional with a side of sarcasm.  I wasn't ready for summer to end.  We had been spending endless days at my mom's pool.  Late nights in our front yard with the neighbors, and of course sleeping away early mornings.  It's over friends.  My phone has been set to have an alarm go off on "weekdays".  Things just got real around here.

Here is a re-cap of last weekend.  A weekend I tried to let loose and forget that Monday, everything would change.

Dear Summer,
You didn't give us enough time.
You forgot that I still have things on our bucket list.
Didn't you see me calling for a time out?
See you next year.
Where you can redeem yourself.

Movie night in the driveway.
Thanks to Daddy's laptop.
Mac and her BF.
Popcorn and capri suns.
Megamind as the sun disappeared.
It was awesome!!

How fast time flies.
With style obviously.
This is Caitlin on the day before Kindergarten.
Such a big girl.

Our last lazy day by the pool.
Such an event has to be reserved for weekends now.
One last day to enjoy the cool water on an extra hot day.
How I'm going to miss lounging lazily by the pool.
Saturdays and Sundays just won't cut it.

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