Some end of Summer Reading {Tuesday10}

So I have decided to take the next week or so off.  Away from the blog.  I may or may not post a few things about my sponosors, but any and all original content is on hold for the time being. 

You see, my oldest starts kindergarten on Monday.  So I want to focus on the last few days of summer.  This summer before everything changes.  The last few days to savor the over 100 degree temps, the late nights out in the front yard, the ice cream cones for dinner.  I want to focus on last minute back to school shopping, swimming at grandmas, and anything and everything Summer.

Until then, I'm giving you some good end of summer reading.  Today's Tuesday 10 prompt is your
10 Favorite Blog Posts.  I've tried to compile a list of favorites including some from 2011 that you may have never read before.  Just to keep your attention until I get back.  Some are funny.  Some are serious, but I promise, as always they are all me!

Enjoy, and say a prayer for our first day of Kindergarten!!

10 Favorite Posts
Not of all time, that's like asking me to pick a favorite child!


My take at humor and sarcasm


See you all in about a week.
Have a great back to school.
In case you forgot,
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  1. Enjoy your week break!!! Sometimes you just need that!! :)

  2. Enjoy the break with the family!
    Ashley Richards

  3. Enjoy the well deserved break! :)

  4. I've read and even have re-read some of these and I keep coming back for more! Love em and love you!! Happy Weekend :) XOXOXO