I'm the mother who...

Taken from My Adventures Through Mommyhood's
Facebook Page.
I'm the mother who:
Got tired of the whining and dramatics yesterday.
Could hear her daughter sassing her grandma on the
other side of the store.
Yelled "Caitlin Elizabeth" and the entire store stopped and turned.
Got tired of the opposition put forth by a small five year old.
When faced with so much opposition from said five year old,
screamed so loud and with such force, is convinced she pulled a muscle.
Made dinner anyway with a red face of embarrassment,
and a conscience overloaded with mommy guilt.
Almost lost it again when both kids refused to eat said dinner.
Quietly and quickly left dad in charge, and went for a walk,
to think about things and calm down.
Wonders why some days are like clock work,
and others are like a word problem.
Pulled herself together, as best as she could,
read bedtime stories and visited Pinterest.
Climbed into bed, and thanked God for blessing me.
With another day to make mistakes.
And with children who, at this age don't remember them.
Prayed for more days, more blessing, and more patience.
Are you a "mother who", too?


  1. Yesterday and today {looking forward to going to work in a few to get a "break"}

  2. Being a mommy def has its great and bad moments!! Not only are we teaching lessons to our children, but we also learn and grow as well!! I can say I am that mom as well!!

    I hope today has been better!!

  3. wow thank you so much for being a mommy just like me! I am a mommy who reads extra bedtimes stories to make up for yelling so much during dinner and the mommy who knows shes being cranky just can't help it sometimes. Helps to know I am not alone!

  4. Yes and Yes... I've been having many of these awful moments lately. I'm thankful to go to bed at night knowing tomorrow is a new day and I can be better than before but just in case I'm not I'm thankful.

  5. I so hear you! It's so hard to stay calm and be the mommy that I know I was created to be. I'm often sure that I come across as frantic and everything except calm. Thankfully, every day is a new and there's always grace!

  6. Thank you for being so honest XO

  7. oh mama, I have had many of these days the last couple of months. I have had such guilt that I find myself apologizing over and over. It's not easy. And it doesn't help when pushed. Don't feel bad, we all go through it. xoxo

  8. Absolutely. Mama, you are NOT alone. My kids frustrate me to no end sometimes and I definitely loose my cool. But, at the end of the day I'm so thankful to have each and every moment with them. Good for you, for taking a walk, alone and letting yourself breathe. Thank goodness for dads too ha?

  9. You are definitely not alone in this! We all have those days.... I feel such mommy guilt because I feel like my first instinct is to resort to yelling and then I immediately regret it. Lucky us, we get a chance to make tomorrow better than today!

  10. I can be a total nightmare mom sometimes. Patience isn't something that I was blessed with. :P

  11. OMG so so so me!!

    A new follower :)


  12. Love this post! I am definitely that kind of momma sometimes! I hope the next day is better love!