Bloggy Vacay O-V-E-R {Kindergarten Starts TOMORROW!}

Did ya miss me?
Yeah, right.
It's not like I fell off the face of the earth.
I was still messing around on Twitter and Instagram.
I just couldn't stay away.
And I missed you guys too!
So as you are reading this, we are prepping for Kindergarten in the Crutchfield household.  Tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock, we will be dropping off our baby girl at her new school.  It's so super cliche to say, "Where did the time go?", but seriously people, where did the freaking time go?  I'm so excited for her to start kindergarten.  To learn how to read.  To make new friends.  It's such an exciting time around here, but it's oh so bittersweet. 
I didn't realize that this summer held such significance.  For the last 5 years, summer has just been hot.  September was just another month, of hot days, Bulldog football games, and really good deals on composition books.  I'm a stay at home mom, so every day is like summer if you catch my drift.  Before preschool, we didn't have to "be" anywhere at anytime, save for the doctors.  Preschool was just 3 mornings a week.  Now here we are.  In it for the long haul.  School, with winter breaks, spring break, and a very short summer break. 
We can never go back to lazy November mornings, watching holiday specials and staying in our PJs until 3pm.  Mondays will really feel like Mondays around here again. 
And our occasional, let's go to (insert fun place here) at 7 pm,
will almost cease, since it will in fact be a school night.
But that's ok, because we will happily hand it over for knowledge.  The privilege of an education.  Something that many of us take for granted.  Sure, we will grow tired of early morning drop off.  Be sad and throw tantrums because we can't watch our favorite shows late into the night.  Decide that we'd rather cut school and stay in our PJs all day one November morning.  Still, there is nothing grander or more powerful than what my baby girl will learn on this new journey she starts tomorrow.
So say a little prayer.
I did really good at Preschool drop off the first day.
Some how I don't think I'll be able to skip the water works tomorrow.
Something about that big new school, her new sparkly bag pack,
and her lunch box all packed per her request, is making my heart break.
Dear Caitlin,
Kindergarten is just the beginning.
School is the gift that will keep on giving.
Be nice, smile, and work hard.
I promise it will be so worth it.
And please,
don't leave for college anytime soon.
Meet Ashley the fashionable philanthropist!
Flats to Flip Flops


  1. Great! Now I'm going to cry because my baby girl starts Kindergarten next Tuesday! I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you both :)

  2. Sending one off to kindergarten is never an easy task. My #5 starts tomorrow, as well. I can usually hold it together until I drop them off with their teacher, but I'm a mess on the way home.

  3. AH! What a huge day for y'all! I hope it goes wonderfully for both of you!!!