TGIF {Friday Letters/Instagram}

Dear Friday,
You are glorious.
Like that scene in Beerfest,
I want to freeze you and skate on you in the winter,
then melt you and drink you in the spring.
However this isn't the exact part of this
quote that I'm thinking,
but I'm trying to stay classy.
Dear Kindergarten,
You done whopped my ass this week.
I'm not even going to kindergarten.
That's how much you rocked me.
Be good to my girl, or else.
Dear Alarm,
You are a serious cramp in my ass.
However I love you and your snooze button.

Dear Blog,
I took a short break.
We needed it.
It wasn't you, it was me.
I came crawling back.
And still this week I have ignored you.
My apologies.
Would you like some flowers?
Dear Hunger Games,
Curses on all your damn districts!
You got me.
This time with your movie.
Which forced me to re-read the books.
Which forced me to realize that you did a terrible job!
Peeta loses a leg!
What was so damn hard about that?
Dear Catching Fire Casting Directors,
This is not Finnick Odair.

This is.

What was so hard about this situation?
Dear Self,
Never, for one moment think that you are one
of those bloggers.
You know the ones, with the awesome self portraits on Instagram.
Showing off their new hair cuts, or sunglasses, or WIWs.
Don't think you are that cool,
because you are not.
You really look like this...

Dear Caitlin,
Yeah, I was trying to take a serious pic of my new hair cut.
Then I saw you photo bombing me,
and I realized.
Mommy just ain't that serious.
PS: you are rocking Kindergarten.
An entire post will be devoted to you.
Dear Readers,
If you can find me this shirt,
I'll give you free Featured ad space for a year.
I would never joke about something so serious.
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  1. 1. Peeta does lose a leg!
    2. I love who you chose for Finnick. Perfect!
    3. I want that shirt.

  2. I totally did not like that movie! Yeah I know if it had been more like the book it would've been like 4 hours long but I'm ok with that!

  3. Oh man. Idk who made that shirt, but apparently they had it on for $28 back in Jan. But now they are no where to be found on the internet. I did find these for you:
    but since they are not as cute I understand if I do not win the prize. Sad face.

  4. Yeah, like April said, the cool shirt is no longer being sold by Skreened :| Bummer because I love it.
    I found this one, which is nice, but definitely not as awesome:

  5. Your IG photos are way better than mine. My entire head never makes it in. Either I have short arms or a big head. Or both.

    Hope your weekend is great!