I love being blog stalked! {Beauty Box Swap}

Last June, TiffanyAndrea, and I
got to talking about bloggy parties.
We talked about what we had swapped in the past.
Which ones were awesome, and

which ones were so-so.
We all agreed on one thing!

Blog gift exchanges are the biz.
And so are beauty products.
Like mint polish that is sold out.
Or beachy wave spray.
Dry shampoo.
We all confessed a love for product.

So now what did we do?
We decided to host a Beauty Box swap!
It was super easy thanks to Tiffany and
her awesome Google Form skills.
We had a pretty good turn out and the best part?


Not gonna lie.
I was blown away!

Let's talk about the notebook.
Seriously, how did she even know?
Then let's focus on the dry shampoo.
Did my bloggy beauty buddy have a hidden camera on me?
Oh and the 2 shades of nail polish?
Uh, hello, my favorite colors of the summer!

This my friends is blog stalking at it's finest!!

Let me introduce you to my stalker, errr, my newest Friend!
Seriously, how on earth did she hit the nail on the head??

Meet Amiee, from Aimee's World.

If you'd like to stalk Aimee yourself, which I of course am doing,
you can follow her every tweet here.

Here is my thank you to Aimee:

Dear Aimee,
Feel free to blog stalk anytime.
(she admitted this freely when I commented on her blog to thank her,
so don't think I'm bullying her or anything)
I'm in love with all the products, but I have to admit,
you had me at the notebook.
Ok, and the dry shampoo.
Thank you for the excuse to skip a shower.

And I also gave a beauty box too.
So be sure to check out Jennifer,
and her post today!
She let me know she was pretty excited
about the happy mail she received.
I'm so glad she liked it!!

Now it's your turn.
Link up your Beauty Box posts here.
Or if you skipped this swap,
read about all the swag you missed out on...


It's time to reveal what we all got in our beauty boxes! 

Please link up your posts below & check out what other people got!


  1. Haha, gosh I'm such a blog stalker! Now I won't feel so bad on days I don't take a shower. I'll know somewhere else in the world there's a mommy who didn't wash her hair that day....all because of me! Muahahaha! P.S. We have matching little notebooks :)