Office Day {See attached}

Today is one of those wild and crazy days.
So I'm going to call it an office day.
Here is a list of things I may or may not be doing today:
Swim class with Mac
Sewing game day dresses for my girls.
Collecting pictures for the Looking Back linkup on Saturday.
Getting my sponsors post together.
I've got some blogger babes for you to meet!
Guesting at Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.
I'm sharing Toddler Mix.
Yes, my own invention!
Training for a 5k.
Say what?
Attending Back to School night.
Why aren't there more than 24 hours in a parents day?
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  1. As an answer to your last question...

    i'm positive if we got more than 24 hours in a day, we'd use all that up too && still ask for more. hehe time management is one of the biggggggest things to tackle when it comes to being a parent. i know i would never be able to stick to a "schedule" if i had kids, but i have many children in my family and close friends' children and know it's almost impossible!! lol

    xox rica

  2. Hey, blogging alone is a full-time job! Sounds like you have your plate FULL...did you get everything in? So impressed by your running regimen too...I need to be inspired with motivation to do something like that :)