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Hey guys!
I'm so excited to be part of the fun today!
So kick back and relax and enjoy:
The Hob!
If you have followed my blog for awhile
then you know my obsession with the Hunger Games.
You should find it no surprise that I
watched the movie three times last weekend.
Have I mentioned that I have two children 5 and under.
Did I mention that I hid out in the
house just so I could watch the reaping twice.
And I rewound the VOD twice just
so I could see Peeta crying on his way to the train.
It's a disease I tell you.
To make it an even deeper obsession I turned to Pinterest.
To find all pins Hunger Games.
Even better I found some really hilarious pins.
So sit back and enjoy these spoofs on the Hunger Games.
And if you'd like to see all the pins and their sources,
 feel free to stop by The Hob.
Yes, I named the board The Hob.
Peeta's Song


You know you were
thinking the same thing!
Effie, is that you???

OMG, I laughed so hard.
No, he doesn't even go here!
Poor Gale.
She really did have to
focus on the games.
It's not you, it's...
You have to admit,
Peeta is super handy
with the frostings.

 I hope that I made you laugh today.
Even if you don't like the Hunger Games.
Even if you are Team Gale.
Also if you'd like to peep some of my other obsessions,
check out the following boards.
Now it's your turn to link up,
and May the Odds be ever in your Favor! 


THANK YOU to all who linked up last week!

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  1. I loved the books, but I just got around to seeing the movie on Friday. I'm going to watch it again today, but I'm still traumatized by the Rue scene. It's one thing to read it, but when you see it with an actress - trauma.

    1. So true! Even now when I re read the books, I skip that part!! Thanks for reading!! Now we just have to wait for Catching Fire!!

    2. My fondest Catching Fire hope is that Michael Emerson from 'Lost' and 'Person of Interest' will be Beetee. He'd be so perfect.

    3. Ok. So now we are insant friends!! That is killer casting!! Ahhh! I miss lost something fierce and he would be FANTASTIC!!

  2. Lol I need to catch up to society and get into the Hunger Games already. I haven't read the books or seen the movie yet.

  3. I finally just got around to seeing the movie! I loved all of the books and was pretty happy with the movie. Can't wait for Catching Fire!