Toy Apathy

This is the story of how I went from this:

To this:

Call it toy apathy.
Call it lazy mommy syndrome.
Call it I had just tackled a mess exactly like it 3 weeks prior.
Call it whatever you like.
It boils down to:
I hate cleaning the same damn toys repeatedly.
Last week I let the mess pile up.
I couldn't bring myself to sort and resort Barbies
or My Little Ponies.
I didn't want to know how many toy bins had been mixed.
How many books had been pulled out.
The amount of clean clothes worn for 5 minutes and then stuffed in the hamper.
Saturday was the day.
I started slow.
Took way too many breaks.
The Olympics were on!
And finally got to work where I brought out my
inner Mom Diva.
"Why am I the ONLY one who does this?"
"All this junk should be trashed"
"If I have to do this one more time, I'll throw everything out!!!"
I'm telling you, I. Brought. It.
By 8pm.
My hubbs was vacuuming lines into the carpet.
I was hanging clean clothes.
And I had finally let the girls join me in the back of the house.
Ask Mac, what mama says about cleaning,
she will say, "Get out!!"
I'm sure there are ways to do this more efficiently.
I'm sure I'm missing some major lesson on not spoiling your kids with
every single toy on the market.
I'm sure there's a great book on organization, cleaning,
and teaching your kids to do chores.
What I want to do: 
buy 2 large cabinets and lock up the toys.
So they have to be "rented" out.
I've been told this is unkind, inhumane and unrealistic.
So is making mommy spend her Saturday cleaning and reorganizing
6 billion littlest pet shop toys, or 5 trillion Barbie shoes.
Sadly, I'm too busy for lessons, books or tips.
Because I'm cleaning those same damn toys again!


  1. ugh!! I KNOW!!!
    I'm with ya... I'm constantly organizing the kids' toys, but I'm VERY CLOSE to a major purge! ;)

  2. Story of my life---in our house it's trucks, cars, and trains---AAHH!


  3. I TOTALLY KNOW what you mean!!!! UGH!!!! Drives me nuts! If i step on one more block or power ranger or whatever I might just throw it out the window!!! But then...i do the same thing. Clean it all up again! ugh!

  4. too funny!!!!

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  6. Hahaha!!!!! This is my life! My kids toy area, their room, the living room, our bedroom, heck the whole entire house looks like your before pictures! I hear you I'm sick of sorting and re-organizing the same toys all the time. I am too distracted and too busy and too sick and tired to do the same. Why can't they just take one thing out at a time?! You are so funny. I love you more after reading this. :)

    I have to say I'm rather impressed with your after pictures. Did you actually get rid of any or they were just finally put away where they belong? I hate when people come over and "help" clean up and just stuff toys in every open space or bin they find. All of our toys are organized and have their own bin but once it gets mixed up why even bother I say. uggh.

  7. You did such a good job! I am amazed and so motivated to keep out all of chloe's toy drawers. They are all messy

  8. Amazing post!!! Great pics!!! :))))


  9. The thing that works well in my house lately is threatening to put it all in the trash if I am the one who has to pick it up. My kids hear that when they don't pay any attention to me otherwise, and they get their butts into gear. I hate having to threaten them, but I am dead serious about it going in the trash. I'm sick of the clutter, too! You go girl!

  10. Hi...its me...the hubs....those pics are spot on.....Megan "transformed" these 2 rooms into what the "after" pics are......GREAT JOB Mommy!!!!!

  11. Oh wow, both of my kids' rooms look just like that!! I get so tired of cleaning the same mess over and over again so I let it go for weeks and weeks and then it's only worse. I've been putting off tackling the job for a few days now. You *may* have just inspired me to get jump on it!

    Good Job!

  12. This is awesome! Looks like my kids room! We reorganized and decluttered my daughters room last week and this week i have got to get my boys room done! Thanks for sharing!
    New Follower Misty @