Dear Blank, Love AbsoluteMommy

Dear Summer,
How dare you come to a close so soon.  I'm not ready.  My kids aren't ready.  You were so good to us and now this.  Traitor!  Plus you have decided that this week should be the hottest of the year!  Thanks. 
Dear Kindergarten,
Really.  Really?  You are here already?  I swear that kid was just in the birth canal.  Where did the time go?  And to pop up so soon, like a week from Monday.  You better be fun and informative and life changing!  Seriously, or I'll put you on my list.
Dear Back to School Shopping,
Thank you for being both fun and expensive.  If new clothes will get my girl excited for school so be it.  Even a zebra print tutu, even a dress printed with ice cream cones, even red shorts with white pin dots.  We love clothes anyway.  Thanks for the excuse to buy some.

Dear Target,

I cannot handle the HariJuku line.  Gwen Stefani is rocking my five year olds world.  Are you joking me with this leopard print dress with a Peter Pan collar?  Please do us all a favor and start making these things in Mommy sizes!!

Harajuku Mini for Target® Girls Sleeveless Dress -  Multicolor
Find it here
Dear school supplies,
I. adore. you.  Composition books for 49 cents?  Post-It notes by the dozens?  Highlighters?  I can't handle it.  I don't even need highlighters, but at this price, I can't refuse.  I haven't been to school in years, but every September, I think that enrolling in some classes would be tops, just so I can buy some school supplies.  And don't think for a minute I didn't notice those mini composition books.... Almost better than bon bons.
Dear Hubbs,
This was all I needed for a little more confirmation this week.  Thank you.  I wasn't even aware I was on your daily list of "sites" to visit.  This means a lot.  Also I loved that you referred to yourself as the "Hubbs", I think I giggled for 10 minutes.  Of course I Instagrammed it... You can go ahead and make fun of me now!

Dear Bloggy,

I'm not ignoring you.  I just don't want you to feel like a job.  After my post last week, I realized that I need to write when I want.  Not just because I feel I have too.  So maybe my posts don't wake up with the early bird.  I don't love you any less, if anything I love you more!

Dear Commenters and readers,

Thank you for all your wonderful comments last Friday and throughout the week.  I really appreciated them.  I'm also working through them.  I haven't forgotten you.  I just get scared at the amount of emails I have, then have a panic attack, and then go and check Twitter for the 80th time.
I promise, I'll get to it.

Dear Megan,

Go do the dishes, vacuum the living room, and feed your kids.  Something other than ice cream and Oreos.  Ok, just feed the kids.  I know better than that!



  1. It's always a wonderful thing to be done with school shopping. My youngest is starting Kindergarten and is so's TONS of fun!

  2. How sweet is your husband?! Love his love note! Not sure how missed it on Instagram. Dear Soul Sistah, I love me some school supplies. I have a whole post proclaiming my love for it :)

  3. We bought some notebooks the other day at Wal-Mart for 17 cents a piece. It made me so happy I couldn't even stand it. Good luck getting ready for Kindergarten!

  4. That dress! I tried so hard to get my girl to get one...not having it. I loved it....see you at school next week.

  5. A. LOVE HARAJUKU mini too!
    B. Not ready for back to school one little bit.
    C. Your blog is so cute. Can't wait to read more.

  6. I'm a new follower! Loving your blog and can't wait to read more! :) That dress is tooo cute!! Makes me wish I had a little girl to dress up....and I AGREE with the mommy sizes! :)