WIWW: 1986 {Looking Back Link Up}

Here is a little peek at WIW in 1986.
Keep in mind that I was 8 years old.
And that it was the 1980s.
Which are coming back, and I just hope I do them better justice this time!

Can we talk about this picture for the moment?
Ok, first Santa Clause has been cropped out.
So it may give you illusion that it was Halloween.
It was not.
In fact it was a few weeks before Christmas.
And yes that's a cup, knocked over at my feet.
I'm sure it was mine and that I knocked it over as I was posing with Santa.
Now let's discuss my outfit:
School Sweatshirt in what appears to be an Adults size Small or Medium.
Hot pink tights, that I remember were shiny.
Not fashionable opaque, but shiny.
Leg warmers?
Of course, it was 1986.
Pink Jellies?
And a skinny headband and punk rock cropped hair.
I wish I could say that was why my hair was that short.
Is it sad that I may or may not re-create this outfit
with a sweatshirt cut up to be off the shoulder?

Here I am again.
Apparently making a sandwich.
My father loved his Nikon something fierce,
so he documented everything.
Including the use of French's mustard.
Hot pink shorts and a boat neck t?
How was I more fashionable then than I am now.
Also I would kill for my cropped hair to do that now.
I actually tried this haircut again in high school and it was not
half as cute or half as cool as it was in this picture.
To be 8 again...
For some reason these were the only pictures I was in from 1986.
My mom says that's because most of my pictures
were from my baton twirling days.
So those will be up on the blog next month for 1987.
Yeah, leotards, tights, and lots and lots of sequins.
You've been warned!
Come link up with us!
Just write a post about 1987.
Anything and everything.
Including any trends that you may have missed
in the even that you weren't born yet.
In which case, I'm going to go and sign up for AARP!



  1. Aww.... cute pics!! I also love your blog tagline btw. It's nice to see someone who seems real about parenting and how much of an ask it really is!

    Visiting via the Look Back Hop :)


  2. Ok you might need to start filling out those AARP forms... I was born in 1987!

    This is a cute post!

  3. Haha! Definitely recreate that outfit. You could probably use the same sweatshirt. Awesome then, awesome now!

  4. Awww yes, I loved the jellies as well. I do kind of miss the leg warmers, I think they're cute!

  5. I miss being able to wear jellies... I know they still make them, but they hurt my feet now! And Your outfit choices were amazing. I love everything about them.

  6. I LOVED jelly shoes!!! I had them in EVERY color and my mom said they smelled SO aweful! Bahahaha!!!

  7. omg this is beyond amazing! ahh the 90s...gotta love it! you know they actually still make jellys! but they dont have the same popularity as they did back then! you were super cute!

    xo Kelly

    PS. Come & Enter my BLING Giveaway!

  8. Love that first outfit!! You were stylin then and your stylin now!