A hat, A hacker, A Vlog {last week in Instagrams}

Here is proof.  Of all of the crazy that happened last week.  Ok, so it wasn't super crazy, but I feel like it was a blur.  But with every blur, hic-up, and bump in the road, we laughed and played, and lived!
That's what it's about, right?

(1) Shades with my mini me.  (2) Modeling a very big hat.  Which we all had to model, see numbers 4 and 6.  (3) Oreos poolside, but then Grandma put the kibosh on that since Oreos got in the pool.  I know shocking, Grams has rules!  (4) Me modeling the big hat.  (5) Close up Mac, recording a Vlog... 
(6) Mac's turn in the hat!

Then this happened.
Yeah, I got hacked.
It was scary and hilarious.
Read about it here!

Is it weird that I took like 5 pictures of this guy until I got a good one?
That is a guy, dressed like a banana, popping and locking for Jamba Juice.
I couldn't make this up if I tried.
I laughed so hard, I almost missed my light!
A guy, popping and locking, in a banana suit.
You want some Jamba Juice now don't 'cha?

This kid.
In my lap.
Loving face time.
So I decided to record her.
Check out Mac's first Vlog.

How can I follow that?
I can't so that's all I got for today.
Caitlin is ready for her close up, but she hasn't decided on an outfit.
I swear I'm not even making that up!

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  1. Um, love this! That hat is so cute, and little kids on video camera really doesn't get any better. Also, I love that the Jamba guy wasn't just dancing, he was popping and locking. hahaha

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  2. Hilarious! I love that big hat! Shine on little girl! :)