Want to know? {Life Lately, Instagram}

Want to know about our life lately?

Top left
5 randoms about me.
Yes, I dream about eating bread at least once a week.
I'm a Celiac!
Bottom Left
I vlogged last week.
It was nerve racking!
Top Right
Me and my gal got inked...
Ok not really.
Bottom Right
My hubbys got jokes!

I just love all the #WIDN tagging on Instagram!
Even if I get tagged doing absolutely nothing.
Like a good stay at home mom should, right?
Yes that is a book and a remote
and a sleeping baby in my lap.
Also my take on breakfast to go.
A few of me and Mac just chillin.
And me with my feel up in the front yard.
Ahhh, the life!

We can cross night swim off the bucket list.
We had a little evening swim party.
With ice cream of course.
It was so much fun.
How do you like those ice cream 'staches?

We started ballet and tap this week. 
I realize that those tap shoes need bigger ribbons,
and it's on the list.
Also tap shoes with pink tights are so girly don't ya think?
Bun head? Check.
Black leotard? Check.
Cutest ballerina? Double check!

Mac started swim lessons this week.
And I got a surprise work out.
Why didn't you guys warn me that "mommy and me" classes are hard?
I'm too out of shape to be lifting 25 lbs over my head while swimming!
Ok, so it's not that bad.
I swear she had a blast.
You just can't tell by these pics.

How have you been?
What have you been up to lately?
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  1. Wonderful pictures! Cant wait for my daughter to get of age to start taking ballet and tap!

  2. Yay for dance classes! Her "tendu" is beautiful! ;)

  3. Those are great photos! And beautiful kids :)

  4. Your blog is adorable! Visiting from Ol Mother Hyder and your newest follower.

    Love your IG photos! I'm addicted to IG.