Summer Bucket List {Coffe Date/InstaFriday}

If we were having a coffee date, it would probably be at Starbucks.
My house is entirely too messy for you to come over.
I'd buy, since I'm offer the invitation to catch up on life.

Chocolate Cake after 9pm is totally acceptable right?
Yeah Mother of the Year!

I'd tell you that summer has been so good to us so far.
People and places have blessed us with good memories.
Things to be thankful for.

John's BF Eric just up and leaves!

Then I'd talk about my 5 year old.
Who has been been growing up before my eyes.
She just got brave enough to try and swim on her own.
The joy in her eyes on this major milestone is bliss.
She also acted like quite the lady at the dentist office on Wednesday.
What a change from the screaming 4 year old 3 weeks before.
Could she have changed so much in just 3 weeks?
I guess so.

Let's stay up late and light fires!
Ok, must be summer!

I'd then start to talk about this "summer bucket list" business.
I know summer is half over, but it's never too late to start.
I've read about some blogging mamas who feel like there is so much pressure.
I totally get it.
Why not make up your bucket list while you go along?
Like I've decided that an ice cream party out front with the neighbors deserves to be on the list.
We did that for Caitlin's birthday.
Also sparklers when it's not the 4th also deserve a place on the list.
Things we have already done.
Things we are making up as we go along.

I wasn't kidding when I say my kids eat Oreos for breakfast.
However, I'm usually the one handing them out.
Excuse me, Miss Mac...

Life is too short to dwell on what "we" should be doing as a family.
The only thing we should be doing is LIVING.
So I choose to make this bucket list as we go along.
And of course take lots of Instagram pics to share.
It should make for an interesting scrapbook come fall.

Not sure about this fire thing, Mom!

I'm adding the following to my list too.
A drive in movie (yes, there is still one close by).
S'mores out front on Dad's portable grill with the neighborhood kids.
A night time swim party with friends.
Making slutty brownies! (Thanks Kristine!)
Roasting veggies (I did this one, but it calls for a repeat).

I take pictures of the books I'd like to read.
I know kinda crazy.

Then I'd ask you what was on your summer bucket list.
To trade ideas, recipes, and DIY projects.

And I take pics of recipes too.
This one looks good!

Then since I'm known to totally manipulate conversations, I'd finally ask,
What's new with you?

Speaking of "bucket lists", a vlog is on mine.
So here's a little one, via my iPhone, since I don't have another way to do it.
This really freaks me out friends.

Linking up with this gal!


  1. i take pictures of the books i want to read too! and i have that same apron anxiety in my post today too. :) i'll meet you at starbucks! :)

  2. Aw, love this post! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. YOU ARE ADORABLE!! LOVED IT! I have to say you sound pretty much like what I thought you would ;) Happy Friday!

    1. Ok good. I'm a lot louder but the kids were sleeping :0) thanks for reading!

  4. Dear Megs,

    Just when I thought I couldn't love you more... you proved me wrong! Love this and you! So fun! Cross that off baby!! XOXOXO

  5. ah I love you!!! So happy you vlogged and I definitely want to see more vlogs from you!

  6. Hey Megan! Found you through coffee date link up & what a fun post! I love the idea of a summer bucket list. Hope you have a great weekend & get more fun things crossed off! Oh, p.s. I like chocolate cake for breakfast too! Totally OK! ;-)

  7. I cannot record a vlog if my husband is in the house - it's just too weird! Ha! :) You did a great job - definitely keep them coming!

  8. Oh yay! :) I love the vlogs I've been finding on my favorite blogs, such a fun way to get to know you ladies better! I like the idea of bucket listing along the way, isn't that what life is all about anyways? :)


  9. Super cute blog post! A good look into life in a light fun and creative way! Good luck on your bucket list.

  10. I thought I was the only one who took pictures of the books I want to read. My iPhone is full of them. Haha!

  11. Awww love the vlog! It's so crazy to see and hear all my favorite bloggers "in person" after reading along for so long. Love it!