Looking Back 1985 {A Linky Up}

Nineteen Eighty Five

My 7th birthday, in my Alice in Wonderland dress.
Hence the white bow.
That's Linda's famous Christmas cake!!

My chubby baby face.  Stay tuned.  That face changes!

My BFFs of the moment.
I'm loving Eddie's blue CPK Members only Jacket

Left top and bottom
Disneyland always Disneyland.
I fell in love with the fantasy of it all.
Main Street blew my mind!
And to this day the Peter Pan ride is still my all time favorite!

Me and Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh
It was Spring Break, and my pink dress and jellies
were birthday gifts!

In these 2 photos
The chubby baby face is gone.
I was sick all summer of 1985 and lost something like 15 pounds.
On the left it's August, according the the back of the picture.
Judging from the pumpkin it's October on the right.
The short hair is becuase our new condo had a pool.
And someone, would not abide by sitting for an hour to get her hair combed out!

Christmas 1985.
When I was too young to know that the new year
always brings hope and new beginnings.
My mother's expert tree trimming.
And I'm sure her chocolate cake was baking in the oven.
This is what my child hood looks like.


It was some year for me.
You see it was the year I was sick. 
I was sick basically the entire year.
And if we had known then what we know now,
my life, my mother's life would have been completely different.
But we can't go back.
We can't change where we are now.
We can be grateful for those lessons we learned at 7.
To always stand your ground.
To keep asking questions.
To never take no for an answer.
I remember it being a very hard year,
yet looking at these pictures it was also a happy year.

In 1985 I made new best friends, Melanie and Sandy.
We played for hours.
I was inspired in Ms. Chester's class.
I went to Disneyland and had my autograph book filled!
I collected Cabbage Patch Kids for a lack of a better turn.
And I was knee deep in 1980s fashion.
I thought I was so, super cool.
Maybe I was.



  1. You are super cool, for sure! Great post!

  2. Great post! I wish I had more pics of when I was a kid but they're all at my moms house!

  3. I love this! I wish I had more pictures to do one! They're with my parents! Pirates of the Carribean is my favorite ride, to this day, but Peter Pan is great, too! Such a great post!!!

  4. Loving the Disneyland photos, I'm a total Disney baby turned self proclaimed Disney addict adult! :) I remember those primary color-ed flags in front of the castle! Such a good flashback!

  5. Great post and you are always so creative!

  6. Oh I love this post! So cute girl! You were and still are super awesome!!!