Gone Fishing...

Just a short post to say that Dirty Secret Saturday is taking a break until August 25th.  Me, Lena, and Chrissy have "gone fishing" for the summer.  In other words, we are enjoying summer away from the PC as much as possible.  So save some of those secrets in your back pockets and be ready to bring them out in August.

I'll be co-hosting Looking Back link-up again tomorrow.  Be sure to stop by and see me in all my 1985 glory, like short hair and huge glasses, and come to think of it, HUGE TEETH!  What is it about huge teeth in grade schoolers?  Don't forget that there are some fabulous gals co-hosting with me!!

Also before we close June, let's talk about my lovely and beautiful swaps.  Don't think for one minute that I don't love you... Contrary to popular belief, swaps are what make the bloggy world go round, well at least mine anyway!  Thanks for having my back and helping promote this blog. 

So I wonder what I going to do for the rest of the day... I mean with Instagram out and all... How am I supposed to finish #photoadayjune?  Blogger problems, right? 


  1. Instagram being down is just ridiculous! haha.. How am I going to share pictures of my lunch and the crazy stuff my kid does??

    1. I know!! I'm freaking out over here. Just saw on twitter that it's back!