Excuse the hot mess...

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Do you ever feel this way?
Why has this been my feeling all week?

Do you ever feel compelled to post?
It's totally where I am right now.
Like I need to write something EPIC!
Since I feel like I've ignored this blog all week.

So I sat out this morning to write the next great blogger post...
And I've got nothing.
Nothing inspiring or funny or life changing.
Oh, I don't make you feel that way daily?

Then week started off on a bad foot,
with Mac being sick and all.
That just set the rest of the week in motion.
And I feel like some of my posts were forced.
I hate that.
Because I can tell they are forced, and so can you.

So instead of forcing a post I will give you the truth.
I don't feel like blogging today.
I haven't felt like it all week.
I have felt like crafting, and I've made some serious Dad's day crafts.
I have felt like lounging by the pool in 100 degree weather.
I lounged the heck outta that pool.
I have felt like being lazy and with my kids,
and doing something other than writing.

And I keep telling myself that, it's ok.
Because my blog is still here.
The world didn't end.
Twitter didn't miss me.
Facebook still hates me and keeps hiding my friends.
Instagram doesn't want a picture of what I'm eating.
And Pinterest saved my ass at 3 am with a sick kid in my lap.

So will there be a Father's Day post on Sunday?
I'm hoping.
Will I highlight my lovely sponsors on Monday?
Yes, it's the goal.
Will I enjoy myself, my kids, my husband and my family this weekend?
Of course.
Will I miss awesome blog stats from an epic post?
Yes, I'm a blogger it's what we do.

I promise that next week I'll be a bit more focused.
I'll have something funny or encouraging to say.
But for now,
I've got hungry kiddos and not enough peanut butter cups to hold them over.

Maybe ice cream will work.


  1. Alright, 8'm not a mom but I have felt this exact way all week. I feel like I have to post today, since I've barely eritrean anything all week, but I can't think of what to write about!


  2. Since being pregnant I've had total writers block! I hate feeling like I have to post. Sometimes I feel like I need to but still just don't know what to write about.

  3. I love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE. writers block like woah here too.

  4. Ok, I must say...THIS IS WHY I love this blog. I love who you are as a person and we have never met. I connect with you. This was said beautifully and what most of us feel and will not actually come out and vocally say it to our readers. So, I understand. I hope you have one fabulous weekend and soak up more rays of sunshine, Mac feels tons better, have a great Father's Day weekend and spoil your girls rotten + plus get some "me" time. I am bit jealous of that ice cream! :) Makin' me want some now. Big *Hugs* to you, my friend.

    ♥ always~ Stepha

  5. Love this!!! I have felt the same way this week. I'm overwhelmed by not being an accomplished blogger. It's a hard job. I feel like I'm begging people to like me. Good for you for just writing how you were feeling. Have a great weekend and maybe we all just need some ice cream to hold us over =)

  6. You are awesome! Enjoy your crafting and family time! :)

  7. I love you girl. Especially, the i'm a blogger that's what we do. You always make me laugh and for that I am ALWAYS grateful! Enjoy your weekend lady!

  8. Dear Megs and Fam,

    We love you! Have a fantabulous weekend! XOXO

    The Foley Fam

  9. I hate that I make myself feel obligated to post. I have really been trying to only post 4 times a week, if that. I want to have the weekends to just be with my family and enjoy the time. If I am feeling it then I blog, if not I don't. Simple as that. :)