InstaFriday Photo Dump {my apologies}

Happy InstaFriday.  I didn't have a post last week so I apologize for this photo dump in advance.  But I had so much fun last week and took lots of pictures.  I treasure my iPhone, and not just because I can check Twitter every two minutes, but also because it captures all the moments I would miss.

Tried out a new chocolate frosting recipe.
Grad cupcakes to celebrate my little grad.
I hear they were good.

That's me and my gal Jenn.
Both our babies graduated preschool last Thursday night.
And we were happily heartbroken at our little people growing up.

Getting ready to leave for Graduation.
New dresses and all.

The weather at 8:25 am on graduation day.
And it was every bit of 100 degrees by 6:30pm.
Very Fresno this time of year.

Celebrating with "celebration" popcorn.
Popcorn + melted white choco chips + sprinkles

The Graduate.

Mac and her BF.
She loves that cat.
And the cat likes her ok.

Mac has this thing about ears.
She likes to pull on them for comfort.
Especially when she is tired.
Daddy's ear was all she needed on Sunday.

Double Stuffed Oreo Cakester Faces.

When I'm blogging before the kiddos go to bed,
this monkey climbs in the chair behind me.
And wraps her monkey arms around my neck.
So I decided we needed a picture of that.
And blogging got interrupted.

Fighting for face time on the iPhone.
They are so ready for their closeups.

Grocery store trip.
Lazy Sunday with my girls.
As a side note, aren't Caitlin's glasses awesome?

Caitlin and her blogger bun.
Highlighted on the blog on Monday,
but I had to show this picture again.
I just love those glasses.
Oh and this outfit was for a trip to the pool!

So in love with this picture.
Mac said she wanted to "hide".
Which means she wants you to count.
So I counted and my mom when to find her.
On the left is what we found.
On the right is her saying "hi".
Love that kid!

So that's whats been happening around the Crutchfield house lately.
What have you been up to?
Are you addicted to Instagram?

Have you heard about Operation Feed the Lambs?
Operation Feed The Lambs

Cat put together this project on her blog Stuff I Love.
Check out how she is trying to raise money
to end hunger for children world wide.
And while you are there check out some of her delicious recipes!


  1. Awe! Life lately looks great!! Love all of the pictures! :)

  2. Your babies are too cute for words! And I love how you call your little one "Mac." Too cute!

    Shaping Up To Be A Mom

  3. loving your "graduation dress" absoultely adorable!

  4. I am totally addicted to it...and have been since I got my iPhone on mother's day!! My username is jadesteckly....I don't think we are friends on there yet, but we should be!!
    Those cupcakes look delicious by the way!!