Moms On Mondays {Meet Jelli and her Linky Party}

Caitlin and her bloggy bun.
Just like all you bloggers out there.
Tutorial Here.
Easy peasy!

My "friar tuck", as per Annie Sauce.
Tutorial here.
Video Here.

Happy Monday friends.  Today I'm going to introduce you to a new friend.  Jelli blogs over at Jellibean Journals, and her life in Costa Rica.  Her blog has recipes, product reviews, and helpful hints on motherhood and life in general.  All from Costa Rica!  Recently she started a Monday Link Party called Monday Mom Musings, where she asks us to link up all things mom.  Fun right?  Get to know Jelli better here, and until then link up your latest today.  Like I said anything and everything "mom", and if you're not a mom yet, link up something that would help out a momma friend.  Like say a delicious, DIY, beverage that includes alcohol... Just saying!

So since I'm co-hosting with Jelli today, I wanted to give you some easy momma hair for the summer.  Pictures are some Instagrams taken over the weekend (major Insta recap is in the process, you have been warned).  The first is beautifully modeled by my princess.  It's the bloggy bun, well, that's what I call it.  I learned the how to from Ashley at The Shine Project, and also Ilene of Much Love Illy.  Both gals have style way beyond my comprehension, but they can give a tutorial like nobody's biz.  The second is the "Friar Tuck", as coined by the amazing Aunie Sauce!  Did you know that if you do this with wet hair (which I did) and let it dry, you will get the most amazing waves?  I took mine out before it was completely dry, but there were def some waves!!  So check out the links above, and enjoy some effortless beauty this summer.

Jelli is giving the directions below, So let's give her some love!  While I try to find a million and one other things to do besides laundry!

Now it’s your turn! Please join me and link up your
{Monday Mom Musings} ;
anecdotes, game & activity ideas, gems of wisdom, crafts, recent triumphs, or anything else that you’ve learned or would like to share with us this week about parenting.
HOW do I link?

Mama “MUSTS”:
  • Make a pal! Visit {at least} the two posts ahead of yours & COMMENT!!
  • Make it family-friendly {of course!}
  • Please link to your specific post, not your homepage
Optional, but appreciated per Jelli:
*Follow me, pretty please!
*Place the Mom Musings button link on your post.
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  1. I love linky parties!! Yah :) Thanks for the summer hair too, we are in desperate need of summer hair over here, this Singapore humidty is frizzing me out ;)