WIW: Preschool Graduation {Plus BNO}

Dress: The Loft Outlet
Shoes: Coach (the ultimate deal!)
Caitlin's black wedges: Payless Shoes
Mac's gold sandals: Payless Shoes (Dora the Explorer)

Sure it was about 100 degrees that night.
And yes, I wore Spanx.
After babies, Spanx is my go to.
But nothing was going to stop me from dressing up.
Because my usual is jeans, tank, flip flops.

The dress is a Mother's Day gift I bought for myself.
I have an unhealthy addiction to stripes, and
a co-dependency on anything nautical.

Of course I worried about the right shoe.
Tried on thousands (over exaggeration).
This pair was in my closet the entire time.
Yes, my Coach "to die for" gold heeled sandals,
that I stole from Macy's.
Well, not stole, so much as paid only $38.00 for them,
 when they were originally close to $200.

The girls brought their own style.
Look at those wedges Caitlin picked out.
She's got style folks.
Just a matter of time before I let her style me.
And Mac?
Well Mac loves these gold beauties for two reasons.
One, they have Dora on them.
Two, they light up.
Seriously, what more do you want in a shoe?

In addition to Preschool Grad Night, I got dressed up again last week.
Let's talk about me wearing make-up two nights in a row.
Yes, I'm serious!
It really happened!

Top: The Loft Outlet (obsessed much?)
Shorts: Mossimo for Target
Shoes: DUH! Toms
Hair: Friar Tuck!

Friday night was BNO, (Bloggers Night Out)
hosted my the lovely Tiffany.
Natali and Andrea were there as well.
It was a great night of conversation and drinks.
We talked shops, blogs, and how to get out name out there.
We also talked about a beauty box swap...
More on that later!
It was great for a momma like me to try out some style twice.
And even though I thought and re-thought my hair,
I really did enjoy wearing it Friar Tuck Style.
Especially since it was super hot that night too!!

Looking forward to dressing up again this weekend.
I'm helping my BF's little sis get down the aisle.
You know what that means...
More awkward pictures of me in the mirror!!

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Check out her site for a daily dose of funny or
some serious deals on stuff you may already buy.
Right now she is giving away some Man Cave Soap
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  1. You're right, that dress is fabulous. :) I love both looks!

  2. I love both looks - but that top look is to die for. And I'm so jealous over $38 Coach shoes. I'm a bit Coach obsessed!

  3. You look adorable, Meg! Stripes suit you :)

    And your toms are auh-mazing!

  4. YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cute dress!!! And cute shirt!!

  6. You are so cute!! That striped dress looks simply fantastic on you!

  7. I have an addiction to stripes as well. Pretty much need that dress!

  8. LOVE it!! So cute!! {I have that SAME dress from loft!!} xoxo I wear it with red shoes a lot and sometimes yellow. ;-) And BNO sounds fun!! :) xo

  9. I love your outfits! And I have been eyeing up those lacey TOMs foreeeeeeeever, so jealous. Also I made Heather's button..I feel so proud that it's up there! ahahah such a loser. Heather is such a funny girl though!! Love her already :)