Looking Back: 1984 {Linky Party}

March 1984 I turned six years old.
I can tell you that Cabbage Patch Kids, Hello Kitty and
Strawberry Shortcake were important in that order.
I remember watching all my faves on MTV.
Like Madonna, Talking Heads, and Billy Joel.
Yes!  Talking Heads.
I also remember being in Mrs. Johnson's first grade class,
and fearing for my life.
She was an old crone, but I think she really taught me a thing or two.
She also introduced me to a book I will never forget:
The Little Old Man Who Couldn't See.
I've been searching for it for years.
It's about $100 on Amazon!
When I think about 1984 I think about:
16 Candles: Saw it when it came out on VHS;
Trips to Monterey with my Dad;
Going to my Grandma's after school;
and my mom reading me Little Women for the first time.
So this link up was a total no brainer!
Finding all these photos to share with you was a blast!
So here is a look at Absolute Mommy, when she was just a girl,
with big dreams and a Cabbage Patch or two.

Me, laughing out loud, before it was a "thing".
With my Grandma's high heels, in a terry Jumper.
So WIW before that was cool too.

Me and Julie, my 2nd Cabbage Patch.
I remember this Christmas because I had the stomach flu.
I'm totally digging my boots!

More Christmas.
I think we are showing off the presents under the tree.
I'm cheezing it up, as always.
I'd just like to say, I remember most of the ornaments on that tree,
and a few have made their way into my house!

WIW: 1984
Toothless grin.
Slicked back pony tail.
Red and white polka dot dress with ruffle.
Leather flip flops.

Me and my cat Tomas.
Yes, Tomas.
Because I'm Mexican and loved Tom and Jerry.
Check out the Nike's!
Oh and my sweater is monogrammed!
(see pic #4 as well)

Yes, I posted this.
Yes, it's super awkward, but also hilariously funny.
I'm in my PJs.
My hair looks like it's sticking up, but mom has assured
me it's the tail of a bun.
I'm showing off my missing tooth.
I'm awesome!

Me and Edward my first Cabbage Patch Doll.
He was my guy!
And we still have him.
Caitlin has him dressed like a girl or something.
Poor Eddie, he's still living the dream!

More monogrammed sweater!
Very preppy chic!
And that velveteen dress?
High Fashion in '84.
Look at that lace bib and rose!

Let's talk about the pastel pants.
Let's pretend I was "in" fashion.
Along with that jacket.
Now let's forget the clothes and talk about me feeding these pigeons.
That are basically the rats of the sky.
Really though, my dad took me to Monterey almost every Wednesday.
Wednesdays were his day off, and after school it was just the two of us.
On crazy adventures with his 35mm camera.
Most of the pictures in this post were taken by him with that camera.
Me asleep on my grandma's couch.
I fell asleep watching the 1984 Olympics.
Where I was dreaming of being the next Mary Lou Retton.
Me at a wedding.
I don't remember who's wedding, but I remember it's a wedding.
I love that I'm wearing pigtails, a favorite of the six year old me.
I love that my teeth are making an extra effort to come in.
This is pretty much what I looked like in the summer of '84.
My sixth birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.
My dad still points like that.
And I still have that look on my face sometimes.
What you can't see is that I'm wearing rings.
I'm super fancy.
Also as I pointed out to the hubbs,
the hidden gem in this photo is my dad.
He's drinking white wine at Chuck E. Cheese.
By the carafe.
So that's 1984 Absolute Mommy style before she had style!
I hoped you liked it.
Where where you in 1984?
And if you say "not born yet", I might just die of old age!
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  1. I love your photos!!

    Love this series!!

    You were such a cute kiddo!!

  2. Love all the pictures! You were stylin'! And I do know of a few people who want to join in but can't yet because they weren't born!

  3. OMG! SERIOUSLY the CUTEST EVER!!!! What's up fancy pants with your rings on! LOVE it!! I ALWAYS felt that way too. I remember my aunt gave me all her old jewelry and I strutted my stuff with all that stuff! Ha!

  4. SO DARLING MEGS! Loved the pics!!! Hey! I was born in 84 ;) Cute link up idea!

  5. girl, you had me cracking up!! im like you, i remember 1984! but i was even older.. eeeek.. i liked what you said at the end (if you say you werent born, I might die of old age. HILARIOUS! The clothes, the cabbatch patch...remember it all..
    loved your rats of the sky comment!! =) hilarious. thanks for the link up, doing this one was fun!!

  6. Love this!!! So cute! I still have my Cabbage Patch Kid kicking around.

  7. So adorable! And funny too :) My mom used to out my hair in barrettes like that too.

  8. You were darling!! I forgot the Olympics were in 1984! My life totally revolved around it that summer! {May have to add it to my post!} ;-) Loved all the pictures and your comments about them - too funny!! Have a great weekend girlie! :)

  9. Oooh so cute! I'd totally participate but i wasnt born so there wouldnt be much to post haha. Loved all of ur pics and the fun info!

  10. Ah you were such a cutiepie! I wasn't born yet but you won't die, trust me on this one :)

  11. How cute are you? :) I'm a brand new follower...and I'm so glad I found your blog today! Can't wait to follow along! :)

    - Breanna :)

  12. Cabbage patch LOVE! Do you remember the cabbage patch Koosa's? That was some weird kid/animal hybrid, but I loved mine hard. I had a tiger kid. AND my cabbage patch was a red head named Mitzi. Obviously they had a serious impact on my life ;)

    I love the picture with Tomas. Too.Stinkin.Cute.


  13. LOVED seeing all your great photos!! I was 7 in 84, so I also remember Cabbage Patch Kids (and those old blue CA license plates! ;)