Dear Mrs. S and Miss A {A Farewell to Preschool}

Dear Mrs. S and Miss A,

I don't even know quite where to begin.  How does one thank two individuals who knew nothing about my child in August, but welcomed her with open arms and open hearts?  Two strangers who I cannot imagine not knowing today.  Two lovely women who we have to say goodbye to in just a few short weeks.

First day of School
August 2011

Let me say that the thought of not talking to you every day and seeing you everyday breaks my heart.  I feel like you are a huge part of the Crutchfield Family.  It's going to be weird not talking to you about your weekend, or even your plans for the rest of the day.

I have to thank you with all my heart for embracing my little girl.  It was a rough road we had to travel in those early days.  With all the tears and shyness.  Those were hard mornings for me, but I'm sure also for you, as you had a class room full of four year olds, just as fragile in the heart as mine.  Thank you for always having a kind word, a way to direct all the fear and crying, and a empathy that many would have dropped after the first four weeks.  I will be forever grateful for knowing that my Caitlin was always in good hands when I walked out the door, even if I could still hear her crying.

School trip to the Pumpkin Patch

I'm sure you have noticed the difference in Caitlin since August.  We are simply amazed.  We know that it is because of your support and instruction that she is the little fireball of today.  It became clear to us at the Christmas program that our little girl was coming out of her shell.  We were overjoyed that she had such a good time singing and dancing in the program.  We also know that it was the two of you who put her mind and her fears at ease.  There are not enough thank yous for that.

Christmas Program
Where they sang "Rudolph the Red-neck Reindeer"

I'm also amazed at how much Caitlin has learned.  I have nothing but admiration for you both, that day in and day out you have the patience of saints.  I know what life is like with a four year old.  You live your daily life with up to 20 at a time.  Yet, no matter the distraction, you have taught my daughter how to read, write, and color outside of the lines... Something that we value in this household.  You have taught her to be a free thinker, to be creative, and to value learning.  Something I pray she continues to to do after she leaves your class room.

Goofing around

So it's almost time.  We graduate with you on Thursday, and while we will stick around until July, we know that this time is coming to a close.  I don't think that Caitlin quite understands that next year she will have new teachers at a new school.  I don't think I fully understand that either.

With all my heart, Caitlin is so lucky to have been blessed with such wonderful teachers, and role models.  Thank you, Mrs. S and Miss A., for everything.



  1. Such a beautiful little angel! I remember those days!

  2. Megan. Ah, where to begin!? This letter just makes every rough day I ever had in the classroom so WORTH it. You have no idea how much this means to me. I will miss you guys so much. Thank YOU for everything!!!! We <3 you guys!! We have loved getting to know your sweet Caitline. thank you for sharing her with us this year. We know she will do GREAT in life- such a sweet soul..! <3 Mrs. Sheehan & (Mrs. Amy)

    1. Caitlin* (I know how to spell her idea what I did there lol)

  3. What a sweet letter! Teachers are amazing ;) I bet they will love and apprecaite that! Isn't it weird watching our kids grow and become different people right before our eyes :) Congrats to your little Miss for a succussful year!

  4. So sweet Megs!! I can't even imagine the girls starting school let alone "graduating" Oh how bittersweet Momma :) Hugs and love girl! Chat soon I'm sure :) XOXO

  5. This is so gorgeous, Megan.
    My husband teaches kindergarten, and there are so many times that he comes home saying, "this kid cried for 4 hours straight." or "this child headbutted my face." and he looks like he might quit. But then, he brings home notes or talks about a phone call when a parent thanks him or says that he's made a difference in their child, and I can see a renewed joy in what he does. Because comforting a crying child and getting punched in the mouth by a 5 year old fist is hard work, and parents saying things like this make all the difference.

    This is so sweet. Caitlin is so lucky. Her teachers are so lucky. And you're so lucky to have had this year together.