WWW: Mothers Day {Mom moment}

What We Wore: Mother's Day

It was fantastically hot on Mother's Day, which is super scary,
because today is May 16th.
A Fresno summer rarely ends before October 31st.
So I totally dressed for a comfy and relaxed Mother's Day.

sorry this isn't the best picture, Caitlin took it.
Neon Stripes: Target
Layering Tank: Old Navy
Jean shorts: Kohl's

Miss Mac:
Ballerina Shirt with capris, and tutu skirt: JC Penny's
Hello Kitty Ballet Flats: Target (are you dying?)
Bottle: Because I'm not ready to take it away.

Fancy Tank Dress: Gymboree Outlet (Tulare CA)
Necklace: Gymboree Outlet
Wrap Around Floral ankle Flats:  Target
Smile: Cinnamon rolls

Now, for my Mommy Moment of the day:

Exhibit A:

That my friends is Caitlin's cap and gown.
For preschool graduation in 2 weeks.
I'm dying.
I'm so not ready for this.
I know, I know, I've had since August to wrap my head around it.
However, it feels like I was preggo with her yesterday,
roasting in the Fresno sun.
My baby is a big girl.
With a cap and gown.
I think I need a drink.

What's your Mommy Moment of the day?

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  1. Made out my sons first birthday invites!!!!! I'll join you on that drink!!!!

  2. My youngest just moved to a toddler bed. She is SO EXCITED. You would think after 4, I would get the hang of this. It broke my heart to say good bye to the crib and watch her hop up into the toddler bed. They grow up so fast.

  3. LOVE that color on you! And OHMYHECK! I'm dying over your grad cap and gown pic!!!! AH!!!