Catching Up {InstaFriday}

It has been a crazy two weeks friends.
Most of it has been spent on birthday parties,
cakes, presents, and fun in the sun.
Some of it has been spent going through emails
and reading awesome link ups that were posted
on Monday!
In all the craziness of crazy town,
I've missed sharing some great pics
of the girls having fun on Instagram.

Fresno finally decided to warm up.
And we were happy, until Fresno decided
to skip Spring all together and be in the 90s.
Let's just say we had fun breaking in Grandma's new pool.
I have to say the picture of Caitlin in the sunlight is my new fave.
Oh, and Fresno slowed down and mild temps are back.

Let's talk Mac's Birthday!
1: The Birthday Girl first thing in the A.M.
2: Mac pretty scared of the singing.  Not a tear shed though.
3: Mac enjoying some cake and ice cream.
4: Big Sister helping out Lil' Sis with the candles.
5: The cake I made on Mac's actual Bday (Thursday)
6: The Minnie Mouse cupcakes provided by Lockhart Dessert Catering.

I think Mac enjoyed her birthday mostly. 
Not to worry, a "hangover" birthday post is in the works.
This is just the Cliff's Notes.
Oh, and I'll be sharing the cake recipe too.
It's seriously the easiest cake,
and you probably have all it's ingredients in the pantry.

Finally the "lost photos" roundup.
All that's been missing from your life right?
Ok, maybe not so much, but enjoy anyway.

1: My morning wake-up call.
2: Mac's "Poochie" face.  As in, that stinks.
3: Mamma and Mac being silly for the camera.
4. Sisters chillin' in Papa's hammock.  Caitlin is singing the ABCs. 
No shirts are required on toddlers apparently.
5: Mac, eating chips, watching Disney Jr.  While Mom Instagrams.  Bliss.
6: Caitlin slept through the night in her own bed. 
It's still a challenge for this to be an everyday occurrence. 
But doesn't she look so sweet. 
And she was super proud mom was sharing this on "Facebook".

So that's it friends. 
I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging by next week.
Things have just been busy and a little uninspired.
I promise I've got lots in the works!!

Have a great weekend!
And don't forget to post those pics on Instagram!!

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  1. it's already in the 80-90's here in Texas and my boys have already broke in Grandma's pool. Before long it will be our every weekend ritual! They just love it!

  2. So sweet :) Love the picture of Cait in the sunlight too! And that mini mouse cake is adorable :)

  3. Can I say i'm JEALOUS of your inlaws pool? Well I am!!! :) And those Minnie Mouse cupcakes are GREAT!!!

  4. oh my goodness:) you and mac-girl have the same smiley face!!! (photos 2 & 3; last set)
    How awesome is that?!

  5. Super cute lil ones. Like alot the minnie mouse cupcake idea. Also LOVE #3. Precious times with your lil one. So super cute. Btw I'm your newest follower. Happy to be.

  6. Woohoo! I won! Pure Awesomeness :o)

  7. Miss you and the girls. To bad Charlie's party was on the same day of we could have made the day trip. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  8. Those cupcakes turned out way cute!! Can't wait to see more pics from the party!! ALL the lost photos are too precious! Your girls are too cute!