Preschool Ditch Day {And a giveaway}

Today is officially preschool ditch day.
Because Mac woke up crying at 1:15am,
and after mommy blogged until 12:30 am,
mommy zombie walked and crawled into bed with Mac.
And mommy didn't hear her alarm go off at 6:30.

So no preschool today.
We didn't wake up until 8:30.
Breakfast happend somewhere around 10.
I did do the dishes before I decided
to blog about what's happening here.
But I'm still in my pjs, so is Mac,
and Caitilin has decided that
panties are the suitable fashion choice today.
Will we actually do any fun "ditch" day activities?
Possibly, an icecream and Michael's run is in the future.

Here is what I'm trying to wrap my head around right now:
Why is it that Mac can tell me she pooped and peed,
but outright refuses to go in her princess potty?
And why does she always choose that moment when
I just poured the eggs in the frying pan to poop her pants?

Why did my darling Catlin decide that she wanted eggs too
when the first batch was already done?
I mean it's not like I didn't ask her 1000 times.
And every time was no, until the 1001st time,
in which the answer was yes.

Finally, why is it that today is the day that
Caitlin found her Baby Alive?
I say found because I have had it
hidden in the bottom of the toy stack.
Because it also poops and pees when fed,
and I seriously don't need
another pooper or pee-er right now.

Oh, and in case you are wondering,
Baby Alive is sitting on the princess potty.

In the meantime, let's welcome Tiffany,
and TKC Designs
She's here to off you some deals on a
summer make over for your blog!

Friends and readers,
meet Tiffany!

Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany and I blog over at the Momma bear diaries! I was so excited when Megan asked me to do this post for her. It's kind of an exciting post to me because I LOVE Megan's blog and I get to have a little spot on it for today!  

I am a twenty something stay at home mom transplanted from Georgia to a blistering cold northern state. I'm in the middle of three bears. Sometimes, I cook, I always clean, and better yet I have the web design gene. 

The web design gene is actually why I'm here today! 

I want to give one of you a discounted blog design! 

You can enter to win 50% off a simple or an all out package.
If you choose the Simple Package that takes your total from $55.00 to $27.50. 
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Who doesn't love a deal?
If you don't win you can still get a discount. You get 10% off a Simple Package or 20% off an all out package. All you have to do is contact me with the code "absolutemommy" !

I am so excited to see who enters and wins! I can't wait to begin this design and would love to see some more of you even if you don't win! You will still get a deal if you just use the code.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So how awesome is that?
Doesn't a summer bloggy make over sound great?
Things are looking up around here right?
And maybe, just maybe, I'm motivated enough to get dressesed.
Or maybe I'll just go and check on Baby Alive,
and see if she's ready to go back into witness protection.


  1. ....oh my gods, I cannot ever be a mom. I would snap, under all that. You rock!

  2. New follower. Love your blog and the giveaway! Isn't motherhood the best? :)

  3. Love this! Preschoolers need a day off too! :)