Dear "___" {Friday Letters} {InstaFriday}

Dear Caitlin,
I love you something fierce,
but our fighting has to stop.
I understand that you are 4 going on 16,
but for reals.
Mommy lost her voice yesterday.

Dear "road trip" Mac,
You are hilarious.
I'm sorry that you can't "get ouuut" when you want.
However your comic relief is priceless.
Don't change that face.

Dear Daddy,
Congrats on 10 years at your job!
Selling toilets has been huge for our family.
We just wanted to let you know we love you
and we are so super duper proud of you.
Plus it gave us the chance to get chocolate wasted!

Dear Kindergarten,
You may be getting Caitlin next year,
but Mac is still mine.
For now.
Slow your roll,
and stop being so tempting.
Because your alphabet rug in the
library had me at "M".

Dear Salsa eater,
I wasn't joking when I coined you the
"whitest" Mexican baby.
Your love for Mexican food cracks me up.
Maybe we should have named you MariJesus!

Dear Nutella,
Thanks for making breakfast a no brainer.
Grilled Nutella on white has to be my perfect 10 on my
way to being crowned mother of the year again.
But I gots things to do,
like this post.

Dear Baby Pram,
You have brought great joy to all the little
girlies of the Hernandez Family.
Thank you.

Dear Readers,
Please do this one little chore over on Facebook.
Seriously, Zuck has done it again and made something
that should be so simple so complicated.
But I won't complain, because I still check Facebook like 4 times a day.
So if you want to see what AbsoluteMommy is up to,
do this one little thing.
Please and thank you.


Dear Sponsor Swaps!
Thank you!
Swaps make the blog world go round.
Swaps connect us to people we would never meet otherwise.
Swaps you make my day!
Thanks for the love!
If you have checked out my swappers,
go to there and enjoy!

Dear Friday,
I'm so glad you are here.
Let's make it an awesome three day weekend!

What's on your schedule this weekend?

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  1. Thanks for the letter, swap partner! Going to the San Francisco-area for a baptism...wish I could stop by and say "hey!"

  2. This entire post was just way too precious! Love all your sweet sweet letters. :)

  3. Ah Yes, Nutella!! A lifesaver!

  4. HAHA! Chocolate wasted... Love that movie! :)

  5. aw lovely letters! i love my swappers, too :) found you via the blog hop xo