Everybody says I love you {BdayRecap}

I didn't know what it was like to have a talking baby.  Ok, so she's a toddler, but still.  I have no idea what to do with my chatter box.

Mac is talking.  Like in mini sentences.  I'm so surprised because I never expected it.  Caitlin was a late talker.  She didn't even start making sense until she was 2.5 years.  To hear Mac talk and talk is quite remarkable to me.  My grandma even had to point out that I was actually ignoring her.  I just wasn't trained to hear that little precious voice.

These days Mac says and repeats everything!  She can tell you who is on TV (Elmo, Hook, FooFoo).  She can tell you what she wants to eat or drink (bah, jews, chee), and she can even tell you "bless you" when you sneeze, but it comes out "a-choo mommy".  It's enough to melt your heart.

It gets better.  Friday night John taught her how to say "I love you".  I all but cried at the sound.  It took years for Caitlin to master "I love you", and boy did I need to hear it from that child.  Mac's precious and sweet "I wuv you mommee" is music to my ears.  I keep saying it so she will say it back.  Is there anything better than when your child tells you they love you?  I just melt.

Sure she says things like "no" and "mine" and she still screams like a little monster, but all she has to say is those three little words, and butter!  I'm like buttah!

So as amazed as I am about those three little words, I'm more amazed that the kid is two.  Two years old (and one month!).  So to make sure I start referring to her as a toddler and no longer my baby (what?), I'm going to share pictures from her SECOND birthday that were promised almost a month ago!!!  Better late than never right???

Mac's 2nd Birthday Party!!

1 - Cupcakes by Lockhart Desert Catering.  If you are planning a party in Fresno and need a dessert bar or perfectly decorated cupcakes, Jen is your gal.  She's also a really good friend of mine, so I asked her for these early on.  They look exactly like the Pinterest picture!  Like there was any doubt!

2 - This is Mac's smash cake, which didn't get smashed.  Wait till you see her face in the next set of pictures and you will know why.  The bday song didn't go over so well.  My mom bought those candles just for her, but we only lit two regular candles.  I didn't want Miss Mac to set her lovely lashes on fire, like her mama did on her second birthday! 

3- Miss Mac blocks by my Aunt Jenny.  In the market for some blocks, check out her Facebook page.  She's been making them as gifts to folks in our family, and even asked me if she should make some Hunger Games blocks... Uh, yeah?

4- The Mickey Cake.  I was supposed to put a bow on it, but considering it wasn't frosted until 11 am with the party starting at noon.  It's lucky there is a Micky head on it.  And speaking of the Mickey, it's cuttable, edible, sugar paper.  Sold at Joannes for mother's like me, who aspire to be fancy and Pinterest-y, but usually cry helplessly into canned frosting.  Side note, cake and frosting are both from scratch by me, so there I'm sorta domestic and stuff!

1 - Mac in her new suit.  Well Mickey and Minnie inspired clothes.  She looks scared because that is the look she chose for the day.  She looks so miserable in all these pictures.  I guess she is not ready for her close-up.

2- She is so scared in this picture, but of course it makes me laugh!  I know, I'm terrible!  We are getting ready to light the candles, and she is already freaking out because there are like 9 kids staring at her getting ready to sing.  Birthdays are so tramatic!  Just wait Mac, you'll cry at your 29th too!

3- Eating cake with Grandma, or as she calls her Mani.  She finally looks like she is enjoying herself!

4- See that can of Cheedar Cheese Pringles?  Yeah, that was Mac's favorite gift.  My Aunt Jennie (another one, not the block maker) knows Mac likes chips.  So with her clothes, she slipped in a can of Pringles.  Which had to be opened immediately, and the rest of the gifts were opened by me. 

I didn't even know this picture existed.  But I'm sure glad I found it.  We are reading a card, and we are all concentrating really hard.  These are my babies!  They have my heart!! 

So that's it, and it's about time.  What did you think?  Did you like the cakes and the cupcakes?  How about the blocks?  Well we are right back into party planning mode.  Caitlin's birthday is next month!  Back to Pinterest I go!

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  1. Oh the party looks great!!! Love it all! :) P.s. I melt when my boys tell me they love me. :)

  2. So sweet Megan! I think they are babies until like 5 years old. I still call my nephew a baby and he's six! He looks at me and says "Step-On-Nee, I am six, a boy kid...not a baby like Dav!" Ha. But. our Daven turns two in August and I am not ready. He's growing too fast. I will cry when he says "I love you!" He's a Daddy's boy and he dosen't even cry when I leave. It kind of breaks my heart...kind of, who am I kidding. It does break my heart. But, he says "I" after we tell him we love him and after he says I we will finish the sentence for him. ;) Your girls are beautiful! ♥

  3. I wrote about this in Magpie's scrapbook too! Those three little words!!! #buttah Love it!! Such a cute cute theme!! LOVE that the can of Pringles were her fav!! Totally sounds like my Magpie!! So even tho we NEED and WILL do an adults only night out, I would LOVE to have our girls play #someday Love ya friend!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. awwww. Isn't the first time that you hear those three words the most amazing thing ever?!?!?! I still melt every time that Sydney says it! The birthday party looks like it was super cute! We did a minnie theme for Sydney's 2nd birthday too and she LOVED it! It's so cute how girls seem to love the same things at certain ages. :-)

  5. Super cute! Great job on the cake too! Wish we could have been there. One of these years we both won't be doing something on the same weekend. Love you guys.

  6. How cute she is!! Even though she looks like she's not so happy about it! :) That's two for you huh... ;)

  7. How cute and she looks so grown up, my baby it 2 too! I still call her baby. when she say i love you she just says oohooh, however they say it it's special. this is a lovely posy, I really enjoyed it. x