The Hangover {Mother's Day} InstaFriday

I know what you are thinking... I still have not posted pictures of Mac's birthday on the 26th of last month.  I'm sorry, but this is InstaFriday, and those pictures are ready to go.  How does life just get away from us?  Like a runaway train?  Oh well, I wanted to share all the happenings that we had last weekend.  It was a great mother's day, I can't complain!

Friday, I posted this picture to Instagram and Facebook.
It inspired me to write this letter to my mom.
She says I'm about 5 moths old.
I love the smile on her face, it's her,
"hurry and take the damn picture" smile

Since I'm so organized (sarcasm),
a quick trip to Lowes was first on our Friday To Do list.
I stopped at Micky D's so that my kids wouldn't go
bananas in the cart since we left the house without eating.
Is there a more mouthwatering smell than McDonalds?
Ok, so it's the un-healthiest place on earth, but seriously?
Those "hotcakes", smelled divine!
And the kids were all about breakfast on the run.
Look at Caitlin making herself at home in the patio furniture!
This is how I "mom".

Pedis with my absolute favorite people!
I treated my mom, and of course the girles had to crash the party.
Mac even put her feet in the water, and the gal gave her a mini massage!
Mom and I go to the same pedi place all the time.
Our first trip was with my wedding party the Thursday before my wedding!
How awesome is that?

This is a marachino cherry cake.
I found this in Ladies Home Journal!
Yes, I'm such a domestic diva right?
Actually Ladies Home Journal is my newest crush.
I know, it conjures up memories of your grandma,
but this recipe was so easy and
from what my grandma said,
It's also a reprint of a recipe from the 1930s.
I'm not ashamed, anything with marachino cherries is a classic!

This is what we wore on Mother's day.

This is my mother's day gift from my girls.
Caitlin picked it out and Daddy paid.
Maxi dress, sandals, and earrings, all from the Loft Outlet.
It's completely styled.
That girls got talent!

On our way from Auntie's in Tulare to Grandma's in Fresno.
Someone just couldn't stand the excitement of mother's day.
I just had to get a pic!

This is my mother's day gift that was made at school.
Caitlin didn't bring it home last week,
so I got it on Tuesday.
I love it!
It says:
I love my mommy because,
she makes me tea in the morning.
That would be sugar sweetened caffinated bliss to you.
This is the second time she has said that "tea"
is what she loves most about mommy.
And while that may make me Mother of the Year,
I could care less!

How was your mother's day weekend?
Did you get some great stuff?
Did your kids make you something at school?


  1. you and your family are so precious! mother's day weekend was fabulous cuz i got to spend it with my momma. :)

  2. I'm impressed with her choices for your Mother's day gift! :) Looks like your guaranteed sweet gifts from now on!!! Girls got taste!

  3. Sounds perfect! Love all the pics, especially the one with the sleeping babe in the back seat, precious! Glad you had an awesome weekend, us moms deserve weekends like that ;)

  4. I love what your girlie picked you! What a stylish little one :)

  5. Your girls have great taste!! Love it!

  6. you can never go wrong with a pedi...ever. sounds like you had an amazing mothers day!