In the Middle of the Night {Coffee Date}

If we sat down for coffee today, I'd tell you that I've been singing one of my favorite songs. It's Lover of the Light by Mumford and Sons. It opens with the lyric, "In the middle of the night I may watch you go", and it haunts me to say that I do most of my thinking in the middle of the night. There is still no balance in this life after almost two full months on my new job. Laundry gets done out of necessity. Dishes are done in the same manner. Homework folders are forgotten, so are appointments that sneak up on us. But despite all of those things we are living, or I should say I am. Clinging on to every last bits of sanity I can muster, sleep deprived and exhausted by this new life. The one that craves more organization, more attention to detail, craves a more balanced scale. But that is life isn't it? The ways that it takes on a life of it's own, independent of any plan, any schedule, any good intention. Life continues, and we have a choice, to flail and grasp at what we cannot control, or to simply let it happen. I have to say, that we have been letting it happen. Curiously, the things fall into place, messily and never quite at the right time, but fall they do. As if it was the plan all along. Which seems just fine at the moment. I'm letting life happen, and enjoying it as it happens. Because life will happen regardless of you, almost in spite of you. It's up to you to decide if you are going to be A lover of the light...

Mackenzie told us this is how a lady sits.

Losing teeth and putting the tooth fairy out of business.

Drinking tea, which is an illegal substance to my immune system.
It was totally worth it.

My girls singing Brave by Sarah Bareillis.
I hope they will always carry this song in their hearts.

Mac in a dress she picked out at Old Navy.
She also demanded to try it on in the dressing room.
She's not even four and fashion is the highlight of her life.

More teeth lost, so the Tooth Fairy had to take out a loan.
We celebrated on Sunday with fro-yo.

Caramel Delights for those in the know.
It's cookie time, and this Daisy Leader is exhausted.

Happy mail from bloggy friends that make my used paperbacks even more inviting.

Work Injury #1.
Lessons learned: Don't get hurt on the job.
I'm fine now, but seriously the red tape was insane.

Enjoying every bit of spring with this colorful cardi.
Even with semi-combed hair and no make up.
It's the little things that can make your day, regardless of motivation.

If we were having coffee today, I'd play that Mumford and Son's song for you. I'd tell you that it reminds me of my life so much. How it took some of those struggles to get here. That when I hear it I think of my story with the Hubbs and marvel at how we are here, in this life we never knew we wanted. I'd tell you that I'm working all weekend, and in a strange way that feels good. I'd tell you that Saturday marks the official start of my birthday month, and that feels weird. If we were having coffee today, I'd buy, because there is money in the bank, and happiness in my heart. And then I'd thank you for listening to me ramble.

Show and Tell

When was the last time you really hugged your spouse. Like really hugged them, given them one hundred percent of your attention? I know the last time I hugged the Hubbs, because it was the first time I had done it in months. 

I've always said that marriage, including my marriage, is very hard. It's a job. It's another part of life that requires work. I didn't think that once I got married life would be a fairy tale, but holy hell, I thought it would be easier than it really is. I never once realized that marriage is something that has to be cultivated. Something that has to continually hold your attention so that it grows and flourishes. No one bothered to tell me that along the way.

I think as mothers, and as women, we take on the world. We carry it around as if it's a badge of honor. Look at me, I can do all of the things, with minimal help, and oh look, I just posted a picture of me doing all of the things on Instagram. We give, and give, we create, and clean, and make our worlds a better place, daily. Then at the end of the day something happens. We deflate, one hundred percent, and we don't want a single thing. We don't want to be talked to, or touched, or anything of the sort. We want our wine, our favorite TV show on DVR, and sleep. We always want our sleep.

So what does that say to our spouse?

I never once imagined that the Hubbs would notice that I hadn't hugged him. Or spent real time with him. I was even surprised that he would question my happiness or my desire to stay married to him. How on earth could he even think that? But when you walk around with a dark cloud over your head, yell about every little thing, and demand to be left alone for three freaking minutes for the love of all things Scandal... Yeah, I can see where he could doubt me.

I'm the first person to be an advocate for free time. I'm a mom to two wonderful little girls who think the world revolves around them, because it kind of does. I work part time now. I'm a friend, I'm a daughter, I'm a Daisy troop leader, and I'm a writer. I have to make time for all of these things, plus me. But did you see what I forgot to mention? I'm also a wife.

I forget I'm a wife. I forget that for a lot of years it was just me and the Hubbs, before he was the Hubbs. I forget that I'm still a wife, and that he still needs to know that I am. He still needs to feel that I'm his wife. That I love him, even if i want to talk to my bestie on the phone, or watch Scandal instead of talking to him about my day. I forget that out of all the other people that I continually give and give of myself to, I need to give him a little of me too. I forget that even he, the man who hates to hold hands, needs a unsolicited hug every once in a while.

I've said to him, more that once, that I feel like I give and give all day, and that at the end of the day I have nothing left to give. That's not very fair is it? I'm not proud of being a total bitch at the end of the day, with zero motivation, and only the desire to sleep. But I have been, and I am. But now I'm trying to turn a corner.

After fourteen years of dating, not dating, and being married to the Hubbs, I'm humbled by the fact that I still have many lessons to learn on being a wife. That the work doesn't end after you hit the five year mark, or the ten year mark. Marriage is a continuous job, just like motherhood. There is something very refreshing and very scary about being brutally and totally honest, with someone who knows you best. Finding out how far you can go with honesty. Feeling safe again after baring so much. It's so easy to forget that I fell in love with him for the simple fact that I could always be myself with him. That he always accepted the person that I am. Yet, here I am, learning that saying those three little words, mean nothing if the person who hears them can't feel it. I can write a million blog posts about how much I love the Hubbs, but I have to actually love him, for him to know it.
I feel like loving someone is truly without context. It's something you say, and something you do, but how do you put it into context? How do you make it into something tangible, something you can hold on to. Something you can give the other person, your spouse, your love, and say "Here, here is how I love you. Here is how you know". Last week I found context.

Last week, Mac asked the Hubbs to measure her. We've been measuring the girls on their door jams since they could stand on their own. Caitlin has measurements on two door jams in this house, since she's had two different rooms. So, the Hubbs did just that, he measured Mac on her door jam, and showed her just how much she had grown. And as I watched I felt it. That tangible thing, the context, that maybe, just maybe, he needed to hold. Because that is what I have always wanted with him, a house filled with door jams marked with proof of growing children. Those little unspoken things that make up the big thing. That make up this life. Who knew all those years ago, that door jams marked with sharpies would be the exact thing I'd been waiting for in my life. 

It's so hard to show that kind of love isn't it? It's easy to put those feeling into words, but to show it, on a daily basis? That's hard. I think that is why marriage is so hard. It feels like a given. You take it for granted. Your spouse is your spouse. They are supposed to be here, they are supposed to love you, but you know what? You are supposed to love them back. You are supposed to show up too. Marriage can be the constant, but you just can't take it for granted. I didn't realize that I had been taking the Hubbs for granted for some time. That I just assumed that he would know my love, without me having to do too much. Unfairly so, since I always ask him to hold my hand. The one thing that he hates to do, and not because it's my hand, but because he thinks it lame. But he always does it anyway. You'd think that I'd remember that when he wants me, without distraction.

I always read on Pinterest or Instagram, quotes that say hug your babies, or hold your babies close. Today I'm going to tell you to hug your spouse, hold them tight and hold them close. Tell them and show them that you are here, that you showed up today, no matter how much you want to disappear into that book, or blog, or Instagram feed. Give them a little bit more of you, before you deflate. Before you take for granted something you think is a given.

As cliche as it is, actions do speak louder than words. I just never realized that love demands to be the loudest. 

It's not broken...

Due to a minor injury at work, I'm taking today off from the blog.
I'll be spending my day trying to locate a doctor to release me to work.
My wrist is still a little sore, but I'm positive I can still go to work and do my job.
So say a prayer for me today as I wade through miles of red tape.
I'm hoping to make my 5:30 pm shift.
That said my next post may not be until Wednesday.
Don't worry, I'll announce the Kiki La'Rue giveaway winner tomorrow 
Happy Monday.

Late night celebrating {Valentine's Day Recap}

I didn't get home until ten o'clock on Valentine's Day. Thankfully my girls were still waiting up for me, excited to celebrate with their mama. They had set a tea party at the table, complete with service for four and a little bouquet of fake flowers. The Hubbs was waiting for me too, rushing me to sit down so we could get the celebration started. And there I was, exhausted and relieved that I could finally celebrate with the ones I loved.

We exchanged cards. The Hubbs gave me two, one funny and one serious. I gave him only one, that I made myself. He insisted that his cards sucked, and that mine was superior. But his cards didn't suck. They were picked out by him. Without any prodding on my part. He read them and thought they fit, and they did. He even wrote a message of his own in one. Yet he still insisted that his cards sucked in comparison to mine. I could tell him a thousand times that I loved them, but he still doesn't believe me. He will never understand that I love seeing my name in his handwriting. That I love and have loved any handwritten message from him. That his cards never suck.

The girls had been celebrating Valentine's Day for almost two days, with class parties and Valentine's Day baking. They were ready to crash and so was I, but soon they were asleep, with the Olympics playing in the background. And the Hubbs and I found ourselves in the quiet.

In the quiet we talked about the roses that he bought, making sure I knew that he had ordered them on Tuesday. That they were in no way bought at the grocery store. As if that would have even mattered. I just thought it was cute that he hid them in our laundry room, so he could surprise me with them at the tea party. 

We talked about work and the huge adjustment it's been on all of us.

We talked about what we would do on our day date the next day. And how neither one of us could decided what we wanted to do, that wasn't sleeping.

We talked about us, how after fourteen years, marriage doesn't seem to be getting any easier, and we continue to work harder at it. Which isn't a bad thing, but you would think there would be easier roads ahead.

We talked about Valentine's Days past. How we have spent so many together, and a few apart. How we have always come back to this place, right here, with each other. 

We talked about how nice it was, in the quiet, to be with each other. Without interruption. 

Then, when it was just me, in the quiet, I thought about how very lucky I was to be right here in this little pocket of happiness. With more gifts than I know what to do with. With more love than I can measure. And so very thankful for  a little late night celebrating.

Weather Undecided {what I wore}

Don't hate me because I live in California. I know that many of you are reading this from a very cold and snowy place, and my apologies. Mother Nature can be a cold hard bitch, and I can totally sympathize since I'm freezing if it's in the 50s. Now I'm sure you hate me even more.

All joking aside, it's not boots and sweater weather in this part of the world for very long. And while most of us Californians overload your Instagram feeds starting in January, with fro-yo and iced caramel what ever you call thems, we tend to regret our haste in welcoming warmer weather this early about August. That's when we continue to bake at temps well over one hundred degrees, and hate all you mid-westers or other coasters. It sucks to have to drink your pumpkin spiced lattes in your air conditioned car while wearing shorts and flip flops. We'd kill for boot and sweater weather then. But for now, we will gladly take 55 degree mornings and 72 degree afternoons. As you can see, last weeks wardrobe reflects that 100%. So save your hate for August and September when you can post yourself in a wonderfully knit infinity scarf, while I bake in the unforgiving Fresno sun.

Kiki La Rue Blakeley Cardi
Don't forget the KLR giveaway Here!!

Sweatshirt by Victoria's Secret Catalog.
I had to ditch this look by noon.
But it was cute for Mac's morning Preschool Valentine's Day party!

Mid shift on Monday meant something fun and fresh.
I think I look a little stubby but it was comfortable.
Shirt by Old Navy last year.

My Valentine's Day outfit for work. Yes I worked Valentine's Day.
You all are gonna hate me, but this dress is from the Target girls department.
I know, I know, but I'm just that short ok?
Plus it's super stretchy.
PS: my leggings are from Target as well...
Liz Lange Maternity with the low waistband!
Don't knock them till you try them.
Most comfortable waist band ever!
I just bought my normal size and they fit amazingly well.
And I never want to wear any other leggings again!

This was the morning after Valentine's Day.
We got rocked at the store!
People were out to shop, and that's not a bad thing.
But I was so tired the next day!
So it called for grays and black.
New scarf by Pier One!
20% off as we speak!

Tired and Bloated.
Had to work, so I wanted comfy.
That shirt is from Old Navy about a hundred years ago.
I almost ruined it when I washed it, only to find out it's dry clean only!
The only $9 dry cleaning required shirt in the universe!!

My new favorite outfit for spring transition.
Jeans are the skinnies at Aeropostale.
My top is from Kohl's last year.
And my scarf is Pier One of course!
Oh and chucks, courtesy of my Mom.

This is my favorite outfit of the moment.
Spring transition or otherwise.
I squeezed myself into heart printed jeans from the Target girls department.
My Hello Apparel tank is still like new, 
even though I wore it almost every summer day of 2013.
My red Toms are still kicking, except for some dirt.
Also this isn't my usual half tuck, I just tucked one side in my pocket.
Couldn't tell could you?
Also let's talk about how I wore this to Caitlin's first grade class party on Valentine's Day.
Yes, I'm a room mother, but I'm also a blogger.
Does it show??

So please dear reader, do not hate on me because I'm from California. It's not all wine and roses. Well, we have both in abundance, but we do have our bad days. Like when it rains and I totally lose myself because I have to drop my kids at school (true story). Seriously though, I'm wearing a sweatshirt now. The sun has gone down and it's under 60 degrees. I'm totally joking with you. Kind of.

This post is dedicated to my friend Kristin Fleck.
We totally give each other shit on Instagram about the weather.
And she loves me anyway. 
Also I'm pretty sure this is the face she makes at my Instagram pictures.
Love you bunches, Kristin!

Kiki La'Rue Overload Extravaganza {Giveaway}

I'm sure you have noticed buy my world has been revolving around my Kiki La'Rue pieces for almost two months now. Not counting the fact that I won the November Photo A Day giveaway, not counting the fact that I've been living in the Aztec cardi since December, not counting the fact that I absolutely almost sold my soul for the new Blakely cardi. I'm just a little obsessed.  But for good reason. These clothes are made amazingly well. The Aztec cardi is so warm, I'm not afraid to tell you I wear it everywhere even if it really doesn't match! The Gatsby has lent itself to my new work wardrobe. The KLR Essentials Top makes your work day so much more comfortable. And I could go on for days about the Lenore Scarf. Plus don't forget, this snowpocolypse won't last forever, and the KLR maxis are to die for. No joke! I wore mine out, and it was the best dress to travel in when I went to Vegas last August!! Here are a few of my favorite Kiki La'Rue pieces.

Gatsby cardi - gold and black

KLR Essentials Top in Green!
I for reals want them to make this in a tank style!
I'd live in it all summer!

Aztec Cardi and Yellow Lenore Scarf

In my opinion the Yellow Lenore helps hide things like unwashed hair 
and no make up faces.

The most comfortable maxi you will ever wear.
This year I'm buying one in every color.
Don't tell the Hubbs!

Still need convincing that Kiki La'Rue is the shop for you? They do weekly, if not daily Random Acts of Kindness. So don't be surprised if one of their customers is re gifting an item or offering to buy an item for you. Don't be surprised if you see a random giveaway on Instagram. Don't be surprised if they have a flash sale for no other reason than it's sunny or snowing or because it's Tuesday. Kiki La'Rue also has models of all shapes and sizes, so you can see what their Gotta Have it Maxi looks like on a size 4 and a size 14. They even lists the model's stats so you can see how their sizes would fit you if you are similar to the model. I don't know of any other shop in the world that does that.

I'm sure you are so sick on me and all my Kiki La'Rue overload.  Sorry, not sorry. I love the hell outta these clothes and right now they are having their biggest sale to date!  Use code VIVALASVEGAS for 35% off the entire store including clearance!  Amazing right? But if you want to wait and take your chances... Enter the giveaway below for $50 to shop Kiki La'Rue. Until then I'll be relaxing in my new Blakely Cardi... Check it out on Instagram! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Because {two seventeen fourteen}

Because it's Saturday night by the iPad light.

Because if I close my eyes it tastes like the green kind I used to eat as a kid.
Because some days you just have to eat all your feelings.

Because some days are grayer than others and then they require hats on dirty hair.

Because mornings spent at Target alone are for buying your favorite things.

Because I can't find this issue with Mindy on the cover anywhere.
And because I refuse to by any other cover.

Because sometimes comments, 
from people who only know you based on your writing, 
make you cry in the best kinds of ways.

Because crafting can make any day brighter.

Because love letters are the new email.

Because I knew every song.
Because I can remember singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand, 
it's one of my earliest memories.
Because for a time it was the only thing my dad and I had in common.

Because a picture like this makes every hard day of motherhood worth it.

Because sometimes Mondays are for deserve a little reflection.

For my Husband on Valentine's Day

I learned a long time ago that we don't do mushy. We don't big puffy heart anything around here. We never have. The sweeping romantic gesture has never been a staple in our relationship. But I'm ok with all of that. I knew, the night that I met you that I wanted you in my life. Even if we hated each other at first. I think that was part of the attraction, we both wanted to have the last word. I've discovered that there is no last word in this relationship. There will be a last anything. But just for today, I will put you on the spot, in the way you hate the most, to celebrate this day, that you hate the most. 

I love you. And not in an "He's so dreamy" way, but in a whole body, something is missing without you kind of way. 

We didn't have the traditional courtship of our peers. We spent our nights boozy and free. Too afraid to admit how we really felt about each other. Because it was so powerful. It had roots. We had a tangled web before we even had a chance to spin it. It's just the way it was.  It's just the way that it is.

We dated on and off for three years. The off times just about killed me. I pined for you. I held my breath for you. I came running as soon as you called. There were so many people who said I was crazy and out of my mind. But I didn't care. I knew this was what I wanted. It's what I've always wanted.  But those years left so many scars that we can't erase. Even if we want to. It's no wonder that I still wake in a panic, thinking that I'm back in my sorority house bunk, waiting for your call, only to find relief at the sight of our sleeping babies.

The love part has been easy. I fell, so hard and so deeply. It was so absolute. I drowned in it and bathed in it. It's the marriage part that has been so hard. I'm flawed and messy. I'm spoiled and self centered. I'm not saying you are perfect either, and together we are no walk in the park.

But I have never thought about a life without you. Since we met, my story has included you. Because there is no me without you. I am who I am today, in this moment because I fell in love with you and you eventually fell in love with me. This life with you has never been easy, but I don't think we would want it that way. Easy was never part of the plan, but love always was.

You my love, are the great story of my life. I could write one thousand stories about anyone and no one, everyone and someone, but none of those stories would be as important as the one I'm writing with you. Because all of those other stories have endings. but we continue to write new chapters of this story. This is the one that matters the most. 

Today is Valentine's Day and all I can think about are all of those Valentine's days of our past. The email you sent me that first year, that reminded me that you must still think about me too. The phone call after months of silence, like a peace offering, like an apology. The year you spent Valentine's Day in Alaska and sent me flowers via a local flower shop, and they included a teddy bear that you swore you would never buy me if given a choice. I still laugh about that now. Our first Valentine's Day as parents when I burned dinner and we ate no bake cheese cake out of the pan instead. 

As much as you hate our life being on full display on this blog, I felt like it needed to be said. Because sometimes I love yous aren't enough. But know this: I love you, in a grand romantic gesture kind of way. I love you in a big puffy heart, unicorn and flowers kind of way. I love you because I still have your first cell phone number memorized, somehow forever tattooed on my heart. I love you because you asked my dad for my hand in marriage, as if people our age still did that anymore. I love you because you were so excited the day Caitlin was born, and so exhausted the day Mac was born. I love you because you let me shower first, even when I'm going to make you late for work, and I love you because you will eat at Cheesecake again, because you know it's my favorite. I love you because we can talk in movie quotes and because a night in our bed watching movies is just as good as any date night.

I love you. Because it's what I decided to do that summer night in 1999. When you made fun of my hat. When you accused me of stealing your beer. When I gave you my number anyway.

I love you because my life would have never worked without you.
Because you finally came to your good senses and loved me back.
Because you lose all of that good sense when you love me anyway.
I love you because you have always fought the good fight for this one thing.

Our thing.

Happy Valentine's Day in the mushy, sentimental, big puffy heart kind of way that you hate.
Your Welcome.

The prettiest little Paleo muffin

This is not a sponsored post.
This is just something I wanted to share.

I just love happy accidents when I bake. It's a lot better than the latter, and let's be honest, I have lots of accidents when I bake. Especially when I'm trying my hand at something grain free or Paleo. Working with nut flours or coconut flours can get really ugly if you don't have the right ingredients. Lucky for me, this time when I tried to substitute ingredients it worked out great.

I got Danielle Walker's Against All Grain cookbook for Christmas. My mom had bought it a few months before, and I had taken full advantage of borrowing it. I spent New Year's Night tagging the book on dishes and baked goods I wanted to try. I had already discovered that her Real Deal Chocolate Chip cookies are the real deal, so I was eager to try something else. Since it was the end of the holiday season, I had an extra can of pumpkin laying around, so I decided to make her pumpkin muffins (without the chocolate chips). They were good, and texture wise felt like honest to goodness baked good. Then I tried her banana bread and that was a disaster, I forgot baking soda, but added it at the end, then I didn't cook them long enough, then too long, and I was about to throw in the towel, when...

The Hubbs cleaned out our pantry and discovered four little cups of natural apple sauce. When he asked if he should toss them, I said no, checked the dates and decided to try the Against All Grain pumpkin muffins again, but this time with apple sauce. 

I was nervous, but Oh, Em, Gee, they were delicious. I tweaked the spices a little and by using apple sauce instead of pumpkin, they yielded the apple cinnamon combo I had missed all season. That is not to take away from my Mom's Paleo Apple Crumble, but there is just something about a muffin!

These only take twenty five minutes to bake and are delicious warm, especially if you can spread grass fed butter (paleo staple) on them.

I take zero credit for this recipe. This is just a happy little accident that I have been celebrating everyday. Ok, twice a day.

Apple Cinnamon Paleo Muffins
sugar/dairy/grain free
contains nuts
**adapted from Spice Pumpkin Muffins/Against All Grain

Preheat oven to 350
Grease your muffin pan with coconut oil or use liners

2 cups blanched almond flour
3 TBL spoons coconut flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup (8 oz) unsweetened applesauce
1/3 cup maple syrup
2 large eggs room temp
2 TBL spoons melted coconut oil
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
(optional 2 TBL spoons chopped nuts)

Combine all your dry ingredients, whisk together, and set aside.
Combine all your wet ingredients, making sure your melted coconut oil has cooled.
Once your wet ingredients are well blended, add your dry ingredients, a little at a time until combined.
Fill each cup of the muffin tin 2/3 of the way full.
Bake 25 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean.

Depending on your brand of applesauce, you muffins could come out sweeter.
I found that organic applesauce yielded sweeter muffins.
If you are paleo but have no issue with soy, Coconut Spray can be used.
You can find it at Whole Foods and it's like Pam but Coconut Oil.

These stay fresh for up to five days refrigerated.
If they last that long.
Both kids love these!

WIWW: Finding Inspiration when you must shop your closet

I knew that going back to work was going to be an adjustment. I just didn't realize that I'd have to readjust my fashion sense as well. Gone are the days spent in leggings and long sweaters. I've had to step it up in the "what I'm wearing" department. Last week I wrote about the fashionista I used to be. This week I'm writing about how I continually find inspiration and new ways to wear things I already own. Shopping my closet has become a way of life.

No joke Pinterest has become my virtual In Style Magazine. You can type in "denim shirt/black jeggings" and come up with results like this. Simple, easy, and something I just couldn't see in my own closet. Of course I had to put my own spin on it so I could wear it to work, but I could also add in the flats, a tank, and a necklace instead of a scarf in the summer and wear it just as fashionably. 

What can one do with a maroon sweater that just sits in the back of your closet. Type it into a Pinterest search and see what you find. Its such a "Why didn't I think of that" kind of moment, but seriously, I would have never. Next time you are undecided about what you wear, type it into a Pinterest search and let the magic happen!

Also when you are completely in love with a new scarf (minor purchase and perk of the new job), you look for new ways to wear it. I got lucky this time, and found this little mint sweater on Clearance at Target. Perfect. Still I needed a shirt to bring the entire look together. Well I found one, except it was really tight in the arms and they totally bunched in the sleeves of the sweater. When I thought about it, I knew I would never wear this shirt because of how uncomfortable it was in the arms. This is a before baby shirt. I've kept it around and worn it a few times, usually open in the summer. But now I need a white button down for some of my favorite cardis. So I took that white button up, bought on a Gap clearance round, over 8 years ago, and cut off the sleeves. You can't tell, can you? Someone should really take away my scissors! 

In case you are wondering, the sleeves of this denim shirt are cut off too. I know, I know, I can't just cut all my clothes up. Trust me the Hubbs hates that I cut the hoods off hooded sweatshirts and brand new Bulldog Football t-shirts. But I had two denim shirts and this one fit the worst and so... I can also wear it in the summer with shorts. So cutting your clothes is not always a bad thing, if it makes you wear them more.

So this isn't exactly a work outfit, but I felt like it deserved note. This is what happens when you work an eight hour shift and then have to attend Open House at your kid's elementary school. I wanted to be comfortable and warm. So I piled on the flannel and the sweaters and accessorized with uggs. Black and white is chic anywhere, am I right?

This isn't my favorite white shirt, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I really, really wanted to wear this cardi, but the tank I bought to wear with it showed too many flaws. Yes, I said flaws, so instead of hanging the cardi back up I wore this shirt with ruffles on the boobs. Once long ago I was a busty little thing. Then babies were born and my boobs moved to another dimension. This shirt makes me look top heavier in my opinion and I've resorted to calling it my Seinfeld Puffy shirt. If you know what that means, ten points for Gryffindor.

Obligatory selfie to show off my necklace from the Caroline G Shop giveaway.
It's the perfect accessory for my Gatsby cardi and my big sunnies.
It also makes me look like I'm put together and someone who wears jewelry.
I'm not.

Work has forced me to come out of my fashion shell again and that isn't a bad thing. In fact I've become more aware of what looks good and how to DIY a few things. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and at anytime, like in your closet, forty minutes before work, as you search Pinterest in your underwear. I mean, I wouldn't know, but I heard about that once.