In the Middle of the Night {Coffee Date}

If we sat down for coffee today, I'd tell you that I've been singing one of my favorite songs. It's Lover of the Light by Mumford and Sons. It opens with the lyric, "In the middle of the night I may watch you go", and it haunts me to say that I do most of my thinking in the middle of the night. There is still no balance in this life after almost two full months on my new job. Laundry gets done out of necessity. Dishes are done in the same manner. Homework folders are forgotten, so are appointments that sneak up on us. But despite all of those things we are living, or I should say I am. Clinging on to every last bits of sanity I can muster, sleep deprived and exhausted by this new life. The one that craves more organization, more attention to detail, craves a more balanced scale. But that is life isn't it? The ways that it takes on a life of it's own, independent of any plan, any schedule, any good intention. Life continues, and we have a choice, to flail and grasp at what we cannot control, or to simply let it happen. I have to say, that we have been letting it happen. Curiously, the things fall into place, messily and never quite at the right time, but fall they do. As if it was the plan all along. Which seems just fine at the moment. I'm letting life happen, and enjoying it as it happens. Because life will happen regardless of you, almost in spite of you. It's up to you to decide if you are going to be A lover of the light...

Mackenzie told us this is how a lady sits.

Losing teeth and putting the tooth fairy out of business.

Drinking tea, which is an illegal substance to my immune system.
It was totally worth it.

My girls singing Brave by Sarah Bareillis.
I hope they will always carry this song in their hearts.

Mac in a dress she picked out at Old Navy.
She also demanded to try it on in the dressing room.
She's not even four and fashion is the highlight of her life.

More teeth lost, so the Tooth Fairy had to take out a loan.
We celebrated on Sunday with fro-yo.

Caramel Delights for those in the know.
It's cookie time, and this Daisy Leader is exhausted.

Happy mail from bloggy friends that make my used paperbacks even more inviting.

Work Injury #1.
Lessons learned: Don't get hurt on the job.
I'm fine now, but seriously the red tape was insane.

Enjoying every bit of spring with this colorful cardi.
Even with semi-combed hair and no make up.
It's the little things that can make your day, regardless of motivation.

If we were having coffee today, I'd play that Mumford and Son's song for you. I'd tell you that it reminds me of my life so much. How it took some of those struggles to get here. That when I hear it I think of my story with the Hubbs and marvel at how we are here, in this life we never knew we wanted. I'd tell you that I'm working all weekend, and in a strange way that feels good. I'd tell you that Saturday marks the official start of my birthday month, and that feels weird. If we were having coffee today, I'd buy, because there is money in the bank, and happiness in my heart. And then I'd thank you for listening to me ramble.


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  2. Both of your girls are beautiful but Mac is stealing my heart lately. She's such a little lady!
    Also - Caramel Delights are my jam. In northern Michigan (where I'm from) that's what they were in WV they are called Samoas. Totally not as fun of a term but they taste the same. Luckily, I don't know anyone who is a girl scout so my hips are safe for now.

  3. I love listening to your rambles. :) And so wish we could have coffee. If I got to CA this summer, can we? Please, promise me that! It's amazing when you think about how different our lives are, from one family to the next. I love that you're always honest about your crazy, un-balanced life and how it just happens to work for you. It makes me, crazy organized, scheduled me realize that not everyone lives and thrives the same way as Matt & I do. You're an awesome mama.. proof in the fro-yo for lost teeth & truckload of caramel delights. ;) Love you, friend and so happy that you love your little bookmark. xo

  4. Yay! It's my birthday month also!!! I love birthday month but not as much as I once did but probably more than I one day will. My life is incredibly unbalanced right now. I even wrote a post the other day how I can only prevail at one aspect of my life at a time. I seriously googled "life balance books" the other day. I'm pretty sure the answer isn't in a book. If you figure out the answer please clue me in.