Get Yo Craft On {Valentine's Garland}

Garland seems to be all the rage. It's cute, I get it, but making it? I break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. If you peep my Pinterest boards you will notice that I've been pinning Valentine's day themed garlands like a mad woman. No, I'm not crazy, or masochistic, I've been joining in on the It's Just Emmy Adopt Shop Swaps since October. Emmy started hosting fundraising garland swaps to fund her adoption. I was happy to help because it was so fun, and I got some goodies in return. Then something amazing happened. Not only did Emmy fund her adoption, but with the remaining funds, she decided to pay it forward and fund someone else's adoption. We are now funding the second family's adoption, and I have to tell you, this kind of fundraiser/pay it forward feels fantastic.

This time around for Valentine's Day, I again got matched with a super crafter! This always makes me nervous because I'm a novice crafter at best. So I looked and pinned and searched and came to the conclusion that I was never going to make something that used book pages, perfectly cut vinyl lettering, and bakers twine. So instead I set out to explore Michael's in the hopes that inspiration would strike! 

And it did!

Say hello to the easiest garland you will ever make. Simple supplies, easy assembly, and fantastic results. 

Which is everything I have ever wanted in a craft!

Get Yo Craft On!
The Easiest Garland you will ever make!
You will need:
Store bought metallic garland holiday theme of choice, I used Valentine's
(this is kind of a cheat, but hear me out)
Ribbon holiday theme of choice, again Valentines Day
(any color, width, wired or not)
Ten minutes of your time

All you need to do is unwind the metallic store bought garland, the hearts pictured.
Then cut strips (size determined by you) of ribbon and tie them on in the empty spaces
between the hearts of the garland.
Keep cutting ribbon and tying until you are happy with the result.
And that's it!!



  1. It turned out so cute!! I hope she loves it!

  2. You did great! The garland that we have hung in our living room is from Walmart and it costs a dollar fifty. I have to say that it is super cute.