Kiki La'Rue Overload Extravaganza {Giveaway}

I'm sure you have noticed buy my world has been revolving around my Kiki La'Rue pieces for almost two months now. Not counting the fact that I won the November Photo A Day giveaway, not counting the fact that I've been living in the Aztec cardi since December, not counting the fact that I absolutely almost sold my soul for the new Blakely cardi. I'm just a little obsessed.  But for good reason. These clothes are made amazingly well. The Aztec cardi is so warm, I'm not afraid to tell you I wear it everywhere even if it really doesn't match! The Gatsby has lent itself to my new work wardrobe. The KLR Essentials Top makes your work day so much more comfortable. And I could go on for days about the Lenore Scarf. Plus don't forget, this snowpocolypse won't last forever, and the KLR maxis are to die for. No joke! I wore mine out, and it was the best dress to travel in when I went to Vegas last August!! Here are a few of my favorite Kiki La'Rue pieces.

Gatsby cardi - gold and black

KLR Essentials Top in Green!
I for reals want them to make this in a tank style!
I'd live in it all summer!

Aztec Cardi and Yellow Lenore Scarf

In my opinion the Yellow Lenore helps hide things like unwashed hair 
and no make up faces.

The most comfortable maxi you will ever wear.
This year I'm buying one in every color.
Don't tell the Hubbs!

Still need convincing that Kiki La'Rue is the shop for you? They do weekly, if not daily Random Acts of Kindness. So don't be surprised if one of their customers is re gifting an item or offering to buy an item for you. Don't be surprised if you see a random giveaway on Instagram. Don't be surprised if they have a flash sale for no other reason than it's sunny or snowing or because it's Tuesday. Kiki La'Rue also has models of all shapes and sizes, so you can see what their Gotta Have it Maxi looks like on a size 4 and a size 14. They even lists the model's stats so you can see how their sizes would fit you if you are similar to the model. I don't know of any other shop in the world that does that.

I'm sure you are so sick on me and all my Kiki La'Rue overload.  Sorry, not sorry. I love the hell outta these clothes and right now they are having their biggest sale to date!  Use code VIVALASVEGAS for 35% off the entire store including clearance!  Amazing right? But if you want to wait and take your chances... Enter the giveaway below for $50 to shop Kiki La'Rue. Until then I'll be relaxing in my new Blakely Cardi... Check it out on Instagram! 

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