Because {two seventeen fourteen}

Because it's Saturday night by the iPad light.

Because if I close my eyes it tastes like the green kind I used to eat as a kid.
Because some days you just have to eat all your feelings.

Because some days are grayer than others and then they require hats on dirty hair.

Because mornings spent at Target alone are for buying your favorite things.

Because I can't find this issue with Mindy on the cover anywhere.
And because I refuse to by any other cover.

Because sometimes comments, 
from people who only know you based on your writing, 
make you cry in the best kinds of ways.

Because crafting can make any day brighter.

Because love letters are the new email.

Because I knew every song.
Because I can remember singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand, 
it's one of my earliest memories.
Because for a time it was the only thing my dad and I had in common.

Because a picture like this makes every hard day of motherhood worth it.

Because sometimes Mondays are for deserve a little reflection.

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