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Hello selfies in the car.  Right before I go in for my day at the "office".  I have worked so much in the last few weeks that it seems like full time instead of part time.  We are still in transition.  I feel like we should be through the transition, but here we are still hanging on, still lagging a little behind.  My days have been super long, and when I went to set up this post I realized that I hadn't saved any of my IG pictures for almost three weeks.  That's how busy we have been.  
Hello, full life, overflowing with chaos, love and sometimes exhaustion.  
I still love you though.

Hello birthday hat, because I think you are just the thing that will make me forget that I'm turning thirty-six.  THIRTY.  SIX.  It doesn't even seem real.  I still feel twenty-six.  Can we pretend that thirty-six is the new twenty-six?

Hello baby girl who is no longer a baby.  It just occurred to me that you will be four this year.  I can't even wrap my head around that.  Each year has been so full of love and confirmation.  Thank you for that, as you were the only person who could have given me that.  I look forward to year four, but I'm afraid that knowing that you are no longer a baby or a toddler leaves me a little sad. Watching you grow into a young lady is bittersweet. And I mean that in the most cliche way.

Hello Girl Scouts, Hello Cookies.
This girl dressed herself, grabbed a clip board a pen 
and her order form.
Then she said, "Let's go Mom, it's cookie time".
A natural sales person, she sold 313 boxes.
Well beyond her 100 box goal.
She gets that salesmanship from her Daddy!

Hello vintage books.
You make my heart swoon.
Even better, buying it from a friend's shop who packages it with the loveliest little extras.
Hello,Vintage Yahtzee card, hello, Vintage recipe card, 
Hello,Vintage Bingo Card.

Hello tired girl.
Hello baby girl in my lap.
These moments don't happen so much anymore.  Ironically, in my early days of motherhood I felt like this was such a drag. Holding a baby during nap time?  Ugh. I didn't realize that one day that baby would be too big for my lap. I didn't realize that holding a sleeping baby is one of the most precious things to ever happen in your life. I didn't realize that I would miss it so. I was so blind to the finality of it all. There is nothing more pressing in your life to skip a sleeping baby in your lap. Now I soak it up when I can.

Hello my beautiful smiling daughter, I know you are in there somewhere.
It's so hard to remember when your anxiety takes over. So many changes in such a short time. We are working together, every morning, and have you noticed that Mommy has tried her best to keep it together. To say it's ok to be late, or sad, or worried. You have tried too. To hold back the tears, to try and be brave. I'm proud of you. Our work isn't done, but if we can work together, we can do anything. Trust me, I've been doing this teamwork thing a lot longer than you. So let's say yes to more selfies, yes to do overs, and yes to trying harder.

Hello school drop off.
I got you.
We got there at the warning bell and damn we looked good.
So don't you worry about me.
On Thursday I had you.
Monday on the other hand?
Let's just forget about Monday.

Hello happiest of mail days.
Artsy Crush exceeds expectation.
Entertainment Weekly is my jam.
I wish my Artsy Crush came every Friday like my Entertainment Weekly.

Hello Croup.
I could have done without you, poor Mac too.
She was so sick this morning, but that didn't stop her sister and I from snapping selfies.
Mother of the Year for sure!
She still has a yucky cough, but she is back to her old self.
Meaning that she is bossing everyone around.

Hello hand me down shirt.
Hello hand me down headband.
This little one, sick and all wanted a headband and her Olivia shirt.
Then she asked if I would take her picture.
Then she smiled really big as if the Croup was no big deal.
Well of course I'll take a picture.
How could I refuse?

Hello How I Met Your Mother.
Others have become tired at your antics, but this, your last season, is in fact your best work.
This is your masterpiece. Last Monday was perfect, in a way that made me pine for another season.
You have by far surpassed your original idea.
A show that is so much more about meeting "the mother", and everything about friendship and love.
This is a love story for the ages.

Hello new sponsor!
LooLuhRue has everything your hearts desire.
But this is the only peek you will get for now.

Hello Amy Glass.
There will never be anything ordinary or common about this.
So go on and write your blog and I'll write mine.
I'm very happy here.

Hello rainy day.
Hello cutting class.
Hello lazy mommy.
I had no idea how exhausted I would be, so take one part rainy day, two parts Mac's cough, and a dash of Caitlin's headache, and you have got a day at home. Cutting class until Mommy has to work. I'm sure there is going to be a consequence somewhere, but on this day it was love and snuggles, and an extra hour of sleep.

Hello Target.
It's been way to long my love.
With work and school and Girl Scouts our "alone time" took a back seat. I missed you something fierce. And even on this day we didn't get any alone time, but that little sweetie had such a great time in her pajamas. Because a secret trip to see you, grilled cheese and pirates booty for breakfast, and some dollar spot swag is just what I needed. But don't fret, I'm planning on seeing you again real soon.

Hello new life of a busier mom.
Hello Sundays spent in the car, when I'd rather be on the couch.
Hello late nights working the closing shift.
Hello early mornings and late nights.
Hello beautiful babies who I miss.
Hello Hubbs, remember me?
Hello readers, I'm doing my best I haven't given up yet.
Hello Megan, it's still new, you'll get it, just breathe.


  1. It looks like a full and happy life! The transition will smooth out in time, I'm sure it's just really hard for the girls to not have their mommy around all the time, but they will get used to it. :) I have loved seeing your outfits on IG! I beyond love your style and you always look gorgeous!

  2. Hello amazing woman named Megan. Who rocks it. Hard. :)

  3. Here's to a big transition smoothing out soon, hopefully right? I can't imagine that transition, but it seems like you're rolling with the punches. And those girls of yours? They'll adjust, because they've got you guys as parents and that's saying a lot. Lucky little girls. The fact that you're doing something so awesome for yourself will pay off in the end for sure and they'll see that! Keep swimming, friend!

  4. As I read this I thought I really hope your girls get to read this one day and get to see how much you really worked and truly cared about their happiness. This blog just might be the thing they need to read when they are raising their own child.