Weather Undecided {what I wore}

Don't hate me because I live in California. I know that many of you are reading this from a very cold and snowy place, and my apologies. Mother Nature can be a cold hard bitch, and I can totally sympathize since I'm freezing if it's in the 50s. Now I'm sure you hate me even more.

All joking aside, it's not boots and sweater weather in this part of the world for very long. And while most of us Californians overload your Instagram feeds starting in January, with fro-yo and iced caramel what ever you call thems, we tend to regret our haste in welcoming warmer weather this early about August. That's when we continue to bake at temps well over one hundred degrees, and hate all you mid-westers or other coasters. It sucks to have to drink your pumpkin spiced lattes in your air conditioned car while wearing shorts and flip flops. We'd kill for boot and sweater weather then. But for now, we will gladly take 55 degree mornings and 72 degree afternoons. As you can see, last weeks wardrobe reflects that 100%. So save your hate for August and September when you can post yourself in a wonderfully knit infinity scarf, while I bake in the unforgiving Fresno sun.

Kiki La Rue Blakeley Cardi
Don't forget the KLR giveaway Here!!

Sweatshirt by Victoria's Secret Catalog.
I had to ditch this look by noon.
But it was cute for Mac's morning Preschool Valentine's Day party!

Mid shift on Monday meant something fun and fresh.
I think I look a little stubby but it was comfortable.
Shirt by Old Navy last year.

My Valentine's Day outfit for work. Yes I worked Valentine's Day.
You all are gonna hate me, but this dress is from the Target girls department.
I know, I know, but I'm just that short ok?
Plus it's super stretchy.
PS: my leggings are from Target as well...
Liz Lange Maternity with the low waistband!
Don't knock them till you try them.
Most comfortable waist band ever!
I just bought my normal size and they fit amazingly well.
And I never want to wear any other leggings again!

This was the morning after Valentine's Day.
We got rocked at the store!
People were out to shop, and that's not a bad thing.
But I was so tired the next day!
So it called for grays and black.
New scarf by Pier One!
20% off as we speak!

Tired and Bloated.
Had to work, so I wanted comfy.
That shirt is from Old Navy about a hundred years ago.
I almost ruined it when I washed it, only to find out it's dry clean only!
The only $9 dry cleaning required shirt in the universe!!

My new favorite outfit for spring transition.
Jeans are the skinnies at Aeropostale.
My top is from Kohl's last year.
And my scarf is Pier One of course!
Oh and chucks, courtesy of my Mom.

This is my favorite outfit of the moment.
Spring transition or otherwise.
I squeezed myself into heart printed jeans from the Target girls department.
My Hello Apparel tank is still like new, 
even though I wore it almost every summer day of 2013.
My red Toms are still kicking, except for some dirt.
Also this isn't my usual half tuck, I just tucked one side in my pocket.
Couldn't tell could you?
Also let's talk about how I wore this to Caitlin's first grade class party on Valentine's Day.
Yes, I'm a room mother, but I'm also a blogger.
Does it show??

So please dear reader, do not hate on me because I'm from California. It's not all wine and roses. Well, we have both in abundance, but we do have our bad days. Like when it rains and I totally lose myself because I have to drop my kids at school (true story). Seriously though, I'm wearing a sweatshirt now. The sun has gone down and it's under 60 degrees. I'm totally joking with you. Kind of.

This post is dedicated to my friend Kristin Fleck.
We totally give each other shit on Instagram about the weather.
And she loves me anyway. 
Also I'm pretty sure this is the face she makes at my Instagram pictures.
Love you bunches, Kristin!


  1. This cracks me up... being born and raised in CA and now living in the frozen tundra I can honestly say that I'm not jealous. I know, that sounds crazy. But, like you said.. it sucks when it's over 100 and you're drinking pumpkin spice lattes. This has been an insanely cold and snowy winter, but I know that we will have real spring, summer and fall.. seasons that CA doesn't really truly see. And also, your mentions of spring transition totally crack me up.. because really, transition. ;) hahaha! Hope you're loving your job. You look adorable and your jeans match my kids jeans. (the heart ones)

  2. Arkansas has thawed and the hair has frizzed. I remember again why I hate all things above 70.

  3. People would hate on me about whining about our weather in Alabama. It was just do darn hot for November. Now here, we're getting real seasons and it's actually cold. I like it.